Asurion Enterprise - Survey shows 47% increase in worker productivity

2 Dec 2020

Is it possible that the move to remote work for the vast majority of American offices in 2020 resulted in increased productivity? Forbes reported earlier this spring that Prodoscore, a California-based company, using data analysis of common business tools and software found a 47% increase in worker productivity since COVID-19 forced many employees home this year. 

A commonly held assumption that is that remote workers tend to be less productive and distracted while working from home. However, based on this research, that’s not necessarily the case. 

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According to Prodoscore, phone calls, CRM interaction, email communication, and chat activity all saw dramatic increases in usage this spring, which seems to challenge the theory that remote workers are less effective than their office-bound peers. 

With remote work here to stay Forbes offers a few simple tips to help companies maximize productivity for their at-home staff, and achieve similar productivity gains. A comfortable space, a regular routine, and tools to stay engaged are the right building blocks for building a productive remote workforce.



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