Asurion Enterprise - Tips to manage your new remote workforce

3 Dec 2020

A dispersed company cannot be successful without the entire organization contributing to support their remote workforce. HR and IT must work together to keep their employees engaged and productive. In the U.S. a survey taken by Global Work Place shows that 73% of employees feel like they are very successful working from home. But this success didn’t come without challenges as a rush of employees went from office to home. 

HR managers must pay attention and learn lessons from this recent shift. As we adapt to the new normal there must be collaboration between HR and IT. Organizations will need to continue to partner internally to address workforce issues such as remote worker support and implementing collaboration tools.  

Organizations have an opportunity to take advantage of this global paradigm shift to implement better technologies and systems that can offer employees the ability to work remotely effectively. The result is a workforce enabled to be just as productive as when they were in the office.  



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