Avaya Demo Experience

Avaya Demo Experience

28 Jun 2019

I recently spent time at Avaya’s briefing center in Santa Clara to get an update on the company’s cloud strategy, contact center offerings, product line rebranding, and more. The highlight of the day was several demonstrations by Kevin Crawford, Senior Manager/Executive Briefer. Crawford went through the various stages of how organizations can digitally transform their contact centers, and ultimately differentiate themselves from the competition.

Rather than describe the demos, I’ll let you see them for yourselves (pardon my video capabilities and poor lighting). In this first video, Crawford goes through a sample transformation blueprint for contact centers, including the various phases, starting with the foundation of a core contact center, to the Modernization stage, followed by the Enhance stage, and finally to the Differentiation stage.

He then demonstrates the agent experience with Avaya Workspaces, providing a browser-based experience for agents and supervisors while leveraging WebRTC for voice and video. With a widget-based interface, Avaya Workspaces makes it easy to enhance the agent’s experience and provide additional functionality. Using a fictional travel agent as an example, Crawford shows both the agent and Customer Journey experience, and how Avaya’s co-browse capabilities can be used to provide a more collaborative experience across multiple contact center channels like voice, chat, SMS, and Social Media.



In this next video, Crawford shows how widgets are used with the Avaya Workspace for capabilities such as guided selling and providing a single holistic view for supervisors.



One of my favorites demos was the Smart City IoT experience that features a Lego-type replica of a city, including a hospital, train system, hotel, and more. Using a workflow tool to create drag and drop scenarios, organizations can communication-enable workflow processes based on sensor or business-driven triggers so that phone calls and dynamic team conferences can be initiated based on the various business events and/or IoT sensor devices for any industry.



Avaya has been very busy enhancing its cloud story, adding microservices-based layered applications, consolidating to a common client strategy, and of course further developing its current AI capabilities and offerings. Expect to hear more in the fall…


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