Communifire from Axero Solutions is a flexible and versatile Enterprise collaboration and communication platform. It helps companies connect with their employees and give them the power of information to do their job better.

A more effective alternative to email and traditional intranets and a great way to reduce time spent in meetings, Communifire empowers employees to share ideas and collaborate on content while still retaining control over who can do and see what. You can even bring partners and customers in and limit them to just what they need to see to work closely with you. Everything a group needs is in one place with updates on all your groups coming to you in one place.

On each user’s personal news feed they receive updates on all their groups, tailored to what they are interested in and need to know. This includes any news items but also whenever someone uploads new content, including files and new ideas. Users can also drill in or focus on content from a particular group, typically simply going directly to where the content is (because it is where they think it would be) but they can also search for keywords to find the content anywhere in the community. If users are collaborating on a piece of content they can be notified immediately if ever there is a change to that content or a new comment so they do not miss a beat.

Site administrators can also create their own custom home page to highlight featured news items for the entire organization and by individual departments and bring to the surface the best and most useful content. Because the company news, events and culture are coming through the same platform where people are working and collaborating it not only reaches everyone but also encourages people to engage with the content, asking questions and making suggestions.