Axians Chooses VOSS-4-UC to Manage its Cisco HCS Architecture

30 Apr 2019

VOSS Solutions announced that Axians has followed the VOSS H.O.M.E program to transition its UC management from CUCDM to VOSS-4-UC.

Axians, a VINCI Energies brand, offers its customers in various markets a comprehensive range of ICT solutions and services spanning business applications and data analytics, enterprise networks and digital workspaces, datacenters and cloud services, telecommunications infrastructure and cybersecurity. 

Axians became a Cisco HCS customer in 2015, providing cloud collaboration services to its network of customers. At the time of purchase, Axians’ Cisco HCS platform was managed by Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager (CUCDM). Over the next 3 years, Axians successfully grew its HCS platform, offering UCaaS to customers across the Netherlands.

In 2018, when Cisco announced the end of life for CUCDM, Axians took the decision to transition away from CUCDM, with the aim of addressing two critical factors:

  1. Axians wanted to reduce the level of manual administration on its Cisco HCS platform by introducing higher levels of automation
  2. Axians was keen to integrate its Cisco HCS platform into other business systems to offer a richer suite of UC services in a more seamless way

After evaluating other products on the market, Axians chose to transition from CUCDM to VOSS-4-UC.

To address Axians’ desire to improve the levels of automation in its HCS platform, VOSS introduced flow-through provisioning which automates the process of user provisioning by synchronizing users and their UC services with data provided by a customer LDAP server. With flow-through provisioning, VOSS can automate many of the manual MACDs that Axians had been carrying out on behalf of its customers, improving time to resolution and increasing customer satisfaction.

As part of the automation optimization process, VOSS also introduces multiple levels of devolved administration, so that Axians can retain overall control of the platform while decentralizing various levels of administrative power down to the customer and end user level. This enables customers to have more control over their UCaaS platform and has seen an improvement in end user adoption.

With VOSS-4-UC, Axians now has a single point of integration to interconnect its HCS platform with upstream and downstream IT systems. As a result, Axians is integrating Cisco HCS with ServiceNow, with longer term goals of integrating its contact center and Webex Teams environments as well.

Tom Greeve, Director at Axians commented; “As a Systems Integrator, it’s our job to provide high quality and cost-effective leading edge UCaaS packages to our customers.  VOSS enables Axians to provide a highly automated and flexible UC management framework that allows us to respond to our customers’ requirements quickly and efficiently.”

Stefan Peters, Director at VOSS Solutions, added; “VOSS-4-UC unlocks many new opportunities for Axians to grow its HCS platform, to integrate new systems and to adopt new technologies, and to really embrace the power of automation. We are excited to see Axians customer base grow as a result of this strong foundation that is underpinned by VOSS.”

To find out more about Axians and VOSS-4-UC, please email [email protected].

About Axians

Axians supports its customers — private-sector companies, public-sector entities, operators and service providers — in their infrastructures and digital solutions development. To this end, Axians offers a comprehensive range of ICT solutions and services spanning business applications and data analytics, enterprise networks and digital workspaces, datacenters and cloud services, telecommunications infrastructure and cybersecurity. Axians’ specialized consulting, design, integration and service teams develop bespoke digital transformation solutions that contribute to successful business outcomes for its customers. Axians is a VINCI Energies brand.

About VOSS Solutions

VOSS Solutions provides multi-vendor UC management and migration technology to automate and simplify the challenge of operating today's increasingly sophisticated communications environments. VOSS-4-UC, which has been ranked by Nemertes as the world #1 UC operations management platform, can be consumed on premise or in the cloud, and helps customers to design, deploy, operate and optimize the most advanced UC environments. VOSS MiGR8-2-UC is a highly sophisticated product that uses a revolutionary methodology to help organizations rapidly and efficiently migrate large volumes of users, devices and UC services.


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