BCStrategies Asks the Experts: What are you hearing from your customers?

3 Sep 2020

At the onset of the pandemic, to help businesses quickly enable workers to work from home, a lot of the UC, collaboration and contact center vendors offered free or discounted cloud services to enable work from home, and make it easy to set up contact center agents in the cloud. A substantial list of these offerings exists here.

By now, many or most of these offers have expired, and customers who were using them need to find more permanent solutions.

In this BCStrategies Industry Buzz podcast, Blair Pleasant asks the BCStrategies Experts what they’re hearing from their customers, and what they’re doing to move forward post-COVID-19. Are they deploying cloud services or holding off? What kinds of things are customers doing; what are they looking into? For those who used the free offerings, did they move forward with these offerings or go in another direction? Are your customers providing workers with internet capabilities, laptops, headsets, or stipends to pay for these things?

Blair Pleasant moderates the conversation, with Experts Melissa Swartz, Kevin Kieller, JR SimmonsElizabeth English, Chuck Vondra and Steve Leaden.


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