BCStrategies Impressions of Enterprise Connect 2022 - Part 1

31 Mar 2022

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the BCStrategies Experts discuss Enterprise Connect 2022, held March 21-24 in Orlando and virtually. The experts touch on topics including returning to the office and hybrid work, room systems, UCaaS/CCaaS convergence, CX, interoperability, augmented reality, the metaverse, cellular integration, and low code/no code.

In part 1, Blair Pleasant moderates the conversation, with Jim Burton, Robert Harris, Tom Brannen, Michael Finneran, Evan KirstelPhil EdholmNicolas de Kouchkovsky, and Steve Leaden. Find part 2 here. 

Refer to the timecodes below for each speaker: 

  • Blair Pleasant
  • Jim Burton (3:03)
  • Robert Harris (7:26)
  • Tom Brannen (11:16)
  • Michael Finneran (14:52)
  • Evan Kirstel (17:10)
  • Phil Edholm (18:56)
  • Nicolas de Kouchkovsky (25:32)
  • Steve Leaden (29:48)
  • Blair Pleasant (38:51)



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