The modern workforce is distributed and tech-savvy. Mobile employees want quality products, but collaboration tools keep missing the mark. Designed to be simple, intuitive and reliable, Biba is a fresh approach to conference calls, screen sharing, video conferencing, and business chat. You can join Biba from any of your devices, whatever your lifestyle. 

With Biba,

  • Meetings start on time. No more dialing back in after you logged on– Biba’s AutoCall feature rings you on all of your devices at the exact start time, and with a click of a button, you’re in the meeting.
  • Meetings are mobile awesome. No opening apps, finding links in invites, or punching meeting numbers while driving. Biba AutoCall works for mobile, so it’s one click and you’re on.
  • Meetings with VoIP saves thousands. Biba VoIP delivers high-def audio on desktop or mobile that’s twice the sound quality of dial-ins. Sure, we still have dial-ins too, but most Bibots choose VoIP, saving their IT departments thousands of dollars a month.
  • Meetings have easy video. Video makes people talk to each other and makes people pay attention. You can add Biba HD video to any meeting with just one click.

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