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Business Communications Usage & Adoption Study 2020

Business Communications Usage & Adoption Study 2020

26 May 2020

By Blair Pleasant and Kevin Kieller

Deep insights to help you understand the path to success and potential challenges related to achieving usage and adoption of unified communications and collaboration tools

BCStrategies (formerly UCStrategies) will be conducting an important study focusing on unified communications and collaboration end user training and adoption. We’ll be surveying end users to identify the role of user training and adoption in order to gain knowledge on how and in what ways organizations are succeeding or struggling in driving usage and adoption for unified communications and team collaboration tools. We will examine historical and planned training, communications and change management methods, and any planned modifications as a result of growing customer preferences for team collaboration and cloud solutions.

Now more than ever, with employees working from home with new tools and technologies that they may not have used before, user adoption is essential.  Helping organizations understand the value of training tools and strategies to ensure proper adoption is criticial.

Below is a summary of the type of data that will be collected during the study and the process that will be used.

Study Objectives

This study is designed to provide actionable insights related to how and in what ways organizations are succeeding or struggling in driving usage and adoption for unified communications and team collaboration tools.  We will examine training, communications and change management methods, internal marketing programs, and other activities that help end-users best understand and achieve improved business outcomes using business communication tools.

This data will be stratified by company background, size of the organization, industry, and geography.  As a primary focus, the study seeks to identify gaps and opportunities related to usage and adoption of UC and team collaboration tools.

Survey participants will be asked questions about their organizations in a number of areas, including:

  • Communications and training methods used
  • Tools used to assist with training
  • What training methods work best
  • What internal marketing and awareness methods work best
  • Whether pre- and post-training surveys were conducted and what were general observations
  • The role of executive sponsorship, sponsorship teams, and peers related to adoption
  • How successful adoption is measured, and key metrics used to identify usage and adoption
  • Timing of training – before, during, and after deployment
  • Methods used for awareness and measured or perceived success, e.g. posters, emails, videos, etc.
  • The role of change management in increasing usage and adoption
  • The role of the vendor, reseller partner, and/or system integrator in training and adoption
  • ROI measurement related to training, communications and change management

Data Collection Process

The primary data collection process will involve an online survey focused on quantitative data. As deemed necessary, and given availability of respondents, we may then follow up with select respondents in more in-depth, phone-based, qualitative interviews over the course of two months. In addition to using BCStrategies’ list of organizations, each sponsor will have the ability to nominate additional survey participants to be targeted.

Benefits to Sponsors

The information collected could be leveraged in several ways:

  • To provide your company with more in-depth understanding of the needs and challenges of customers when it comes to usage, adoption, and training, in order to assist your sales efforts aimed at these organizations.
  • To help your customers understand the value proposition of UCC user adoption and training to help them be more successful.
  • For use in your sales and marketing content, including collateral, presentations, etc. Your organization will have the rights to use the survey findings in your sales and marketing materials, and your sales reps can share the information with your customers and potential customers.
  • Positioning your company as a thought leader and proactive player regarding end-user adoption.

Becoming a Study Sponsor

Two levels of study sponsorship are available. Sponsors are requested to provide customer contacts or prospects to send an email requesting participation in the survey. Although survey participants will be anonymous and specific names will not be associated with their survey responses, identifying the results of your customers compared with the general survey population will provide you with additional insights about your customer base.

A summary of each sponsorship level and benefits provided with each level are detailed below.


The Platinum level of sponsorship is aimed at companies that want to help shape questions to ask organizations, and want additional insights and analysis from the BCStrategies team. This is a rare opportunity to gather important data without undergoing the extensive effort and expense of having to conduct your own private study. The Platinum level provides sponsors with unique insights.

Platinum sponsors will be asked to provide the names of 100-200 customer contacts or prospects to send an email requesting participation in the survey.

Due to the study timeline and the need to have all survey questions completed prior to distribution of the survey form, Platinum sponsorships will only be available until May 30, 2020.


The gold level is aimed at companies interested in learning more about implementation success and the usage and adoption methods that drive quantified success.

Gold sponsors will be asked to provide the names of 50-150 customer contacts or prospects to send an email requesting participation in the survey.





Participation in BCStrategies podcast discussing survey results



Use of survey findings in your marketing/sales materials (citing BCStrategies)



Early access to the BCStrategies podcast discussing survey results, with the ability to simultaneously post a correlated article from your company



Summary of the survey data



A PDF version of the report (not for distribution)



3-6 page proprietary white paper summarizing key findings to provide to your customers and potential customers (co-branded with your company name)



The raw data from the web-based survey



A 1- to 2-hour conference call with two members of the BCStrategies research staff



The opportunity to review and influence survey questions (as appropriate)




For pricing and additional information, please contact Kevin Kieller at [email protected].


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