CafeX Announces Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Demo and Availability

20 Mar 2017

CaféX Communications has announced that the availability and public preview of its CaféX Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is now available. Users worldwide can try a free 30-day trial, and it is currently available in North America and Europe, although there will be further expansions in other regions later this month.

CaféX Live Assist is an omni-channel service, offering one-click personalized assistance from agents while browsing a company’s website or mobile app. Agents can use Dynamics 365 to offer tips, see what the customer sees, and share relevant links, information, and images to help resolve issues. Agents can access customer engagement options such as co-browsing and chats from the Unified Service Desk or web clients, eliminating the need to switch between screens and applications.

Additionally, deployment and management use single sign-on and a unified provisioning flow through Microsoft Office 365. This helps streamline the process, allowing for less time spent managing the solution and more time helping customers.

"This announcement is a prime example of how customer engagement is expanding beyond the conventional contact center, and how the lines are blurring between CRM and contact center platforms,” says Jon Arnold of UCStrategies and J Arnold & Associates. “Being a cloud-based CRM platform, Dynamics 365 provides a wealth of customer data, and with this Live Assist integration, companies can engage with customers in new ways. CaféX brings omnichannel capabilities to Dynamics 365, meaning that agents can engage in real time with whatever modes or devices the customer prefers; often at the early stages of the customer journey, so there's an opportunity here to drive new sales, and that alone should make this attractive to Microsoft users.”

Businesses can sign up for a free 30-day trial through the CaféX website. They can also watch a video covering the trial process, or request a demonstration.

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