CCaaS and UCaaS: Better Together?

17 May 2022

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the BCStrategies Experts convene to discuss the integration of unified communications and contact center, the value it provides and the challenges it presents. 

Blair Pleasant, moderates the conversation, with Experts Phil Edholm, Dave Michels, Nicolas De Kouchkovsky, Chuck VondraTed Colton and Jon Arnold

Also read Blair's article on the topic: "UCaaS and CCaaS: They Simply Go Together." 

Refer to the timecodes below for each speaker: 

  • Blair Pleasant 
  • Phil Edholm (3:32)
  • Dave Michels (7:24)
  • Nicolas De Kouchkovsky (11:34)
  • Chuck Vondra (16:16)
  • Ted Colton (19:29)
  • Jon Arnold (33:53)


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