Chatting with John Hernandez About the Genesys 2020 Virtual Analyst Summit

8 Dec 2020

Genesys has always done a great job engaging with industry analysts, and even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company continued to do so. At its recent virtual analyst summit, CEO Tony Bates discussed Genesys’ vision of Experience as a Service, while providing updates on its overall business, strategy, and execution (specific numbers are NDA, but suffice it to say that the company has been showing strong momentum and growth in terms of revenues and customers).


The analysts in attendance got an update from Barry O'Sullivan, EVP and GM, Genesys Multicloud Solutions and Olivier Jouve, EVP and GM, Genesys Cloud, discussing the company’s two business units. One of the event highlights was a demo of the company’s AI capabilities from Elcenora Martinez, Global VP of Product Management, AI. We also saw a couple relatively new faces, including CMO Joyce Kim, and ML Maco, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Field Operations.

The information provided by the Genesys team was informative, but hearing from several customers really made me a believer in the progress the company has made. The customers we heard from were quite generous with their praise for Genesys, as evidenced by these quotes:

  • “Genesys is easy to use and easy to adopt” (actually the term used was “adoptability”)
  • “Adding new functionality was easier than expected.”
  • “When agents ask for something, I don’t have to say no. I can say yes. That’s different for IT.”
  • “It took only five months to go-live versus 18 months for our last deployment”
  • “We went to the Genesys Appstore and picked a couple solutions for gamification. It was really easy.”
  • “We had been thinking of hiring another 100 agents. However, thanks to Genesys Workforce Management, we coped with pandemic spikes okay.”
  • “The project was on time and on budget, which is very rare in IT.”

These are just a few examples of what the customers had to say about working with Genesys.

After the summit I had the opportunity to speak with one of my favorite people in the industry, John Hernandez, SVP, GM, Genesys Engage Multicloud. In this video interview, John provides an overview of the two key Genesys offerings – Genesys Cloud and Genesys Engage, as well as Genesys Multicloud and “Experience as a Service.” He also provides a hint as to what to expect in the coming months.

It wouldn't be a Genesys event without some fun, and the event concluded with a wine tasting featuring Brien O’Brien of Clif Family Winery. While not quite the same as being together in person, it was fun to have a shared experience, as well as some really good Napa wines.

Like some other companies in the contact center/customer experience market, Genesys has been successfully migrating customers from premises-based products to cloud-based services, and there’s no end in sight as cloud services become the preferred option. Genesys has done a good job of focusing on execution, strategic alliances, innovation, and expansion, and I expect its growth and momentum to continue for the foreseeable future.


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