CTL is a global provider of traditional and next-generation telephony solutions enabling small to medium sized businesses (SMB) to communicate and manage information more efficiently. In addition, our solutions empower people to be more productive and effective in real-time, therefore, positively impacting the bottom line. CLT is primarily focused on the growing needs of four distinct market segments as follows:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)/Self-service Automation
  • Unified Communications/Messaging (UC/UM)
  • Voice Processing and Messaging
  • IP Telephony (IPT)

With more than 75,000 systems in service and over 300 years of combined telecom experience, CTL has designed and produced a wide array of applications in the technology arena such as; Voice Messaging Systems, Interactive Voice Response Systems, Fax Delivery Systems, Wireless Solutions, IP-PBX’s and Custom CTI Application Software. CTL continues its innovative culture and industry-wide leadership by penetrating the SMB marketplace with simple, affordable and practical solutions.

Since 1990, CTL has been a customer-centric company focusing on cultivating and growing partner relationships. Our primary objective is to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations and consistently fulfill their requirements. CTL does not pursue one-time transactions; but work closely gaining intimate knowledge and develop cost-effective solutions that maximize our partner’s investment.

CTL’s solutions interoperate with traditional telephone networks(PSTN), voice over IP networks(VoIP), local area networks(LANs), wireless networks and the Internet. Unlike other proprietary systems that work with specific telephone systems, our products integrate with virtually all telephone systems and are based on open industry standards, systems, and hardware.

CTL markets and distributes products through OEM’s, VAR’s, System Integrators and Distributors. Solutions are deployed in a variety of vertical markets including healthcare, hospitality, education, government, manufacturing and retail.

CTL is headquarted in Shelton CT, and is an ISO 9001 company.