CUCDM vs. Kurmi Service Provider Suite: NWN Confirms Having Made the Right Choice

28 Aug 2018
NWN Corporation reports a successful experience after deploying Kurmi Service Provider Suite and a smooth migration for their CUCDM end customers.
One year ago, NWN Corporation selected Kurmi Service Provider Suite to operate NWNComm, its Cisco HCS-based UCaaS Solution, replacing CUCDM. This choice was made in the context of Cisco HCS Open Architecture allowing HCS Partners to implement the right domain manager that best fits their needs with additional features and customization beyond what the CUCDM product offers.
NWN Corporation provides its clients with leading edge services and premium collaboration solutions that work for each customer’s unique needs. For their NWNComm solution, nothing less than the best UC management technology will do.
“With the implementation of Kurmi Service Provider Suite, NWN is now able to provide our clients more control over their Cloud Communication Services which enhances the customer experience,” says Skip Tappen, CEO of NWN Corporation.
With Kurmi Service Provider Suite, NWN can address the key challenges of the UCaaS market in terms of flexibility, customer’s onboarding, day-to-day operations and user experience.
Chris Ludwig, Senior Vice President of Collaboration confirms that “Kurmi Software has cut down deployment times on NWN’s UcaaS services to its customers by 55% including provisioning and implementation. Thanks to Kurmi Software, we’ve considerably reduced our operating costs which means we can provide very competitive UcaaS solutions. Since Kurmi’s implementation, we’ve gained a strong position in the UcaaS market and differentiation against other service providers.”
In addition, Kurmi Software has integrated Yarnlab tools into its solution to automate and secure CUCDM end-customer migration. Yarnlab’s Wrangler provides fully automated migration using data extracted from both CUCDM and CUCM, flexible hierarchy mapping to Kurmi and test automation with Testmate. “Just like rapid deployment of UcaaS solutions, fluid migration of existing CUCDM customers is key for the NWN operations team to be able to decommission CUCDM and enhance existing customer satisfaction” concludes Alvaro Riera, Director of Product Management for the Collaboration.
“Working with the NWN team has been extremely efficient and pleasant, and demonstrates how a strong partnership can be built with Kurmi Software teams. With the breaking news that Cisco HCS is ending sales of its CUCDM solution, we invite all Cisco Partners to evaluate Kurmi Service Provider Suite” says Pascal Moindrot, COO and North America MD of Kurmi Software.


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