Engagely.ai Launches Voice AI Cloud to Empower Contact Centers

4 Nov 2021

Engagley.ai, a leading Customer Engagement Automation Platform, has launched the AI-powered contact center automation platform on the cloud to deliver personalized and humanized customer experience. A truly Omnichannel Platform, Engagely.ai automates engagement across all modern enterprise channels like Voice, WhatsApp, Email, Website, App, and Social Media. This makes Engagely.ai a unique platform that caters to the end-to-end customer engagement needs of an enterprise to deliver a unified and personalized customer experience. Engagely.ai's Voice bot takes the customer experience beyond what can be delivered by human agents by integrating with any system and contextualizing conversations for faster and efficient issue resolution.


Today, businesses are struggling to meet customer expectations when it comes to the front line of customer service, which is 'Contact Center'. Painful IVRs and long wait times are causing customer churn. Growing businesses are finding it difficult to scale up support teams to cater to growing volumes. And thus, businesses across the globe are relentlessly seeking newer ways to deflect customer to self-service platforms. However, these strategies have delivered limited value.

Engagely.ai's Voice AI cloud presents the next frontier to businesses to streamline contact center operations by automating customer interactions. It improves customer experience, drives higher revenues and reduces costs significantly. Having proven businesses benefits for clients across multiple sectors such as BFSI, ecommerce and healthcare, etc. Engagely.ai's Voice Bot is powered with proprietary deep NLP engine and Azure's Cognitive AI capabilities. It is more than capable of understanding customer queries, discerning them & replying with sentient-based and efficient responses. The Voice Bot is instrumental in helping businesses establish a solid platform for providing highly automatized customer support and engagement for contact centers. In this age of hyper-digitalization, Engagely's IVA serves as a precise contact point between the brands and the customers with better efficiency and zero waiting time.

"Engagely allows a complete customer engagement automation for high quality results with reduced time, human efforts and operational costs. Engagely simplifies automation of contact centers by managing all the high-volume calls on its own cloud wherein the businesses will not have to spend resources to set up and manage expensive infrastructure. With automation, each task gets performed identically without human errors that results in elevated quality of customer interactions. And the good news is that Engagely's cloud is available to businesses to subscribe and go-live in a matter of minutes rather than months," said Rohit Mathur, Founder and CEO, Engagley.ai.

Himanshu Chauhan, the Global Product Head, Engagely.ai, stated that, "Engagely's Voice AI cloud is a powerful evolution towards perceiving a vision for 'Total Customer Support and Engagement Automation'. The smart virtual assistant will help businesses deliver personalised customer support to the end users on voice and will transform the customer experience in a true sense.". He further stated that, "Engagely can be integrated with any existing system merely by creating a SIP trunk which can authenticate based on IP or user credentials. Also, it can be integrated with any SIP supported PBX systems and so from traditional PSTN systems to current VOIP services. Unlike other companies, Engagely.ai can be used with the legacy systems and does not need an infrastructural overhaul to deliver high-quality customer engagement experience. The smart, easy-to-use orchestration engine lets create customer journeys and train it without writing a single line of code."

About Engagely.ai

Engagely.ai has already been recognized as the best tech brand by the Economic Times. The intelligent Voice Bot aims to help businesses scale their contact centers by limiting their investment in resources with automation for inbound and outbound customer interactions. The IVAs can engage with the customers, across all enterprise channels like voice, email, chat, WhatsApp, using natural language without human support & drive personalized and intelligent conversations across marketing, sales and commerce support. Engagely has a client spread over 10+ countries across 120+ Languages and 35+ enterprise channels and will be entering more countries in near future. Engagely.ai is partnered with Microsoft & WhatsApp globally and is more than excited to be joined by new investors, prospect partners, and companies for creating such indefinite winning stories!

The new solution is available worldwide beginning today from Engagely and its global partner organizations.

Visit: https://www.engagely.ai/ 


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