Five9 Announces Summer Release 2017

13 Jul 2017

Five9 has announced the availability of the latest version of its Virtual Contact Center (VCC). The new release, called Summer Release 2017, includes over 100 key features and enhancements, and will be made available in the third quarter of 2017.

Five9 Summer Release 2017 is a complete omnichannel solution, designed to cover every touchpoint along a customer’s journey. It allows enterprises to engage with their customers from anywhere in the world, delivered on a modular microservices-based architecture.

There are four key areas to the Summer Release 2017: Enterprise, Global, End-to-End Solution, and continuous improvements. For enterprises, the microservices architecture is built on modular components that communicate via REST APIs, allowing for greater flexibility through modularizing applications such as voice, text to speech, and event services. There’s also a new carrier grade softswitch, which selects the best call paths for agents and callers, and can scale to support thousands of agents. The deployment options leverage both private and public clouds, rather than just the existing Five9 datacenters, and are designed to be fully cloud agnostic.

For global services, Five9 Global Voice optimizes voice paths with in-region points of presence, so as to let enterprises extend contact center voice capabilities to all parts of the world. It has extended its single global routing engine to find the resources customers need from anywhere around the globe, while keeping voice in-region so that globally distributed contact centers can maintain high quality and low latency in a cost-effective manner. As businesses that serve customers worldwide will often have a language barrier to deal with, Five9 is also helping businesses run multilingual and international contact center operations within a single tenant, and uses an externalized string architecture to make it easier to add new languages to the platform.

In order to provide a complete end-to-end solution, Five9 has led co-developed initiatives with strategic partners to create a full cloud customer experience solution for global enterprises. It integrates with Salesforce to create an omnichannel desktop that leverages and complements the Salesforce Lightning Experience, with insights into the customer journey, including context and history across all channels. It also offers enhancements to its Skype for Business integration, so that agents can connect to experts outside the contact center via their CRM application. Five9 also recently developed an end-to-end, fully integrated WFO solution with partners Verint and Calabrio, designed to maintain operational efficiency across all customer channels.

According to Blair Pleasant, co-founder of UCStrategies: “Five9’s Summer Release 2017 includes several key enhancements, most notably the globalization of its offering with its Global Engagement Center. By expanding its services globally, Five9 can better support its global customers, while adding new customers that are located in various regions.”

She added, “I’m also glad to see that Five9 refreshed and moved its applications to a more modern microservices-based architecture, making it easier to add modular components and expose these components through APIs and SDKs.”

Pleasant notes, “The other items that caught my eye include enhancements to partnerships and integrations, notably the Salesforce Lightning Experience, which Five9 and Salesforce co-developed to provide a single desktop experience in the Salesforce agent desktop. Five9 also enhanced its Skype for Business adapter, enabling agents to reach out to other members in the enterprise and interact with experts using Skype for Business. In addition, Five9 expanded its Workforce Optimization options by adding Verint and Calabrio to offer a more complete WFO suite. The company is now offering a single hosted solution with Verint, as well as what it calls deep cloud to cloud integration with Calabrio.”

Along with those major enhancements, Five9’s Summer Release 2017 also boasts a multitude of other features and enhancements, designed to meet its customers’ specific needs.

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