Five9 Reveals Spring Release 2018

16 May 2018

Five9, a provider of cloud contact communication software, has announced the Five9 Spring Release 2018. With this new release come new enhancements to its portfolio, bringing artificial intelligence (AI) to contact centers.

The key elements to the Spring Release 2018 are in Five9 Genius and Engagement Workflow. However, the Spring Release also includes enhancements for the rest of Five9’s portfolio, including extending the open platform, a multi-role performance dashboard, and a new Supervisor console.

Five9 Genius is a core layer within contact center platforms that provides AI throughout the company’s applications. This includes intelligent routing designed to connect customers with the agents best suited to help with their issues, as determined through Natural Language Processing (NLP) with machine learning, as well as agent guidance that provides agents with relevant information on the customers and provides guidance for the next best action.

Engagement Workflow is designed to determine the who, why, and how of customer contact across voice and digital channels, so as to connect them with the best agent for their case. It creates a single, end-to-end workflow across all channels, and incorporates machine learning technology to analyze structured and unstructured data and uncover actionable insights. Its purpose-built connectors retrieve context on the customer across multiple systems, providing a consistent treatment across channels and a personalized customer experience.

Additionally, Five9 has new analytics for prescriptive insight. The Five9 Performance Dashboard provides real-time and historical data insights across all channels, while the Five9 Supervisor Pus is a modern Supervisor UI designed to centralize the management of agent teams, as well as simplify the process.

The enhancements from the Spring Release 2018 all provide new ways to improve the customer experience. Customer satisfaction is vital to maintaining a thriving customer relationship, and the more contextual and actionable information the agent can get, the better the customer experience will be.

According to Blair Pleasant, President & Principal Analyst of COMMfusion, “Five9 has been aggressively working to help customers with their digital transformation efforts, and most recently has focused on using AI to help automate basic contact center functions while making the contact center more proactive, rather than reactive. By having more insights about the customer, and providing agents with the right tools to best assist the agents, Five9 is helping to reduce customer frustration while improving the agent experience.” Pleasant adds, “AI will be used more and more to help contact centers reduce costs and improve agent productivity, and Five9 is one of the early movers in this space, as it uses AI and NLP for intelligent routing, next-best action suggestions for agents, analytics, and more. While AI is still a novelty, I expect it to become a core capability in the next few years.”

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