Fonative’s Secure Agent Communicator Keeps Call Centers Up and Running

28 Sep 2021

LOWELL, Mass., September 28, 2021 -- While many call centers have seen their workers returning to the office, at least for part of the work week, adoption of new technologies has allowed them also to shift work to home. As a result, Fonative®, the Compliant Communications® company, continues to see dramatic growth and adoption surrounding the usage of the Secure Agent Communicator™ since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

With thousands of agents using the Fonative platform daily, the usage statistics show that 43 percent of the agents are now working remotely at least part of the time. Since the end of February 2020, Secure Agent Communicator usage by call center agents has increased by 700 percent, with use coming mainly from those working from home and increasingly in the office.  

The Secure Agent Communicator, which Fonative introduced in April 2019, is a web browser-based service that is a WebRTC-powered application, enabling contact center workers to call from within web browsers, connecting and working remotely as efficiently as if they were on-premise at the call or contact center.

“Given the ratio of unique IP addresses compared to the agents using Secure Agent Communicator, the data indicates that nearly all of these agents work from home at least part of the time,” said Fonative Founder and CEO Steve Smith. “The data also shows how contact centers moved very quickly to enable working from home leveraging the capabilities of browser-based telephony for the agents.”

The Secure Agent Communicator is based upon Sansay’s WebSBC™.  “This is a great example of how Sansay serves its customers and the industry when it comes to highly scalable and secure session border controllers,” added Smith. “Sansay anticipated the need and built in the WebRTC capability as part of their SBC, giving us the foundational capabilities that we needed to construct the Secure Agent Communicator.”

“While the trend to WFH had reversed a bit over the winter months, we have seen it once again accelerate as contact center owners and management have adapted to the challenges of managing a remote workforce,” added Smith. “This was a big stress test for the Secure Agent Communicator, and we’re gratified that there have been zero support tickets, showing that the long hours of engineering and testing paid off when our customers most needed it.”

About Fonative

Fonative® helps businesses connect with customers through voice and text, providing Compliant Communications® as a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS). The company's technology enables developers to easily incorporate calling and messaging capabilities into business applications, without the need to maintain servers, infrastructure, network, and telecommunication carriers. Combining carrier-grade technology with advanced call center capabilities and regulatory compliance, Fonative is the only suite of telecommunication services to meet the stringent requirements necessary in key industries such as medical, financial services, and government. For more information about Fonative's compliant communication efforts, visit the company's website,

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