Gamification for MS Teams: Introducing Trivia Engine

22 Nov 2021

In this Industry Buzz videocast, Jim Burton welcomes BCStrategies Expert Kevin Kieller to discuss gamification for Microsoft Teams.

Kevin and his group at EnableUC have developed Trivia Engine, a knowledge reinforcement and training solution for Microsoft Teams that uses an engaging "quiz show" format. Participants compete during challenges to answer the most questions correctly, as quickly as possible, for the best score. As they compete, they learn, and Trivia Engine tracks their learning progress. Trivia Engine is found in the Microsoft Teams app store.

About EnableUC

  1. We help organizations plan, execute and use analytics to maximize the value of their investments in Microsoft Teams and associated technologies.
  2. We help vendors better understand and participate in the Microsoft collaboration and communication ecosystem.
  3. We build innovative applications that extend the value of Microsoft Teams.

Learn more about EnableUC services, including strategy and analytics

Learn more about using Trivia Engine for knowledge reinforcement



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