Imagicle and Kurmi Software Give Service Providers Edge in Hospitality Market

11 Jun 2018

The hospitality industry is undergoing an undeniable technology-driven transformation, and guests’ demands are changing in relation to that. To respond to these challenges, hotel owners must have the best communications solutions available on the market, granting high-level services and quality. Conversely, hotels are demanding lower costs to maintain their performance amid pressure from competitors. All of this opens up a greenfield opportunity for Service Providers. Thanks to a real value UCaaS proposition based on Cisco HCS Shared Architecture, Imagicle and Kurmi, they will be able to satisfy both needs: it’s an exclusive end-to-end solution, seamless for Customers and streamlined for Service Providers.

Imagicle Hotel Pack enables Cisco HCS and other Cisco UC platforms to be adopted in the hospitality market by providing all the missing features: i.e. check-in/check-out, call billing or wakeup calls, and complete integration with 100+ of PMS's (Oracle Hospitality OPERA PMS Fidelio Infor, Protel, Galaxy, etc.). Besides mandatory guest services, Imagicle can provide value-added services, such as a fax server and attendant console to facilitate concierges’ and booking teams’ work, all available on Cisco GPL.

With Kurmi Software, service providers will have a simple, intuitive solution for automated deployment and administration of HCS Shared Architecture. Service providers could save up to 80% of the time it usually takes to deploy a hotel's telephone system. This means service providers can create a standout offer that meets all of the hospitality market’s cost-control challenges, to stay competitive while providing them with quality services for their calling needs.

According to Christian Bongiovanni, Imagicle co-CEO and CTO, “Service Providers are now able to offer UCaaS services with Cisco HCS, provided with all the needed in-room services integrated with PMS. Also, with HCS Shared Architecture, they can share the same instance among several hotels, reducing costs and being able to address hotels of any size, a huge market. “Thanks to the specific integration with Kurmi,” continues Christian Bongiovanni, “Service Providers can now automate and speed up hotel onboarding in HCS SA environments, using a unique portal for hotel and guest provisioning, Cisco UCM configuration and hotel configuration with PMS info and integration.”

Thibaut Felgeres, CEO at Kurmi Software, adds: “We have been working together with Imagicle for many years, and we believe that deepening our partnership it's a rewarding way to help each other and better supply the service provider market– for instance, for the hospitality market all over the world. This market, in fact, is eligible for the cost/ value combination, to offer the best guest experience.”

Both companies are Cisco Preferred Solution Partners and have long experience in the Enterprise market. Both will benefit from the partnership by having fully-integrated best-in-class solutions, essential for saving time and money. While the Kurmi provisioning tool will deploy the Cisco platform, reducing the risk of human error when managing complex scenarios with thousands of users, Imagicle Application Suite provides key services like Attendant Console, Advanced Queueing and Auto Attendant, Call Recording, Call Accounting, Fax Server, and more, to complement Cisco’s collaboration suite.


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