Imagicle and Kurmi Software to Speed Up Cisco HCS Shared Architecture Deployment

24 Oct 2017

A huge opportunity is coming for the Service Providers in the next five years: tens of millions of users are expected to subscribe to UCaaS based on Cisco HCS Shared Architecture and Dedicated Instances as well. Streamlining HCS and required UC apps deployments becomes essential to match customer’s expectations, scale and grant margins for this new cloud business.

Imagicle, leader in UC apps for Cisco Collaboration platforms providing core services for Cisco HCS Shared Architecture, and Kurmi Software, leader in management automation of UC, Collaboration and CC platforms, and the first domain manager for Cisco HCS certified by tekVizion, signed a strategic partnership to help Service Providers address this challenge.

The integration of Imagicle and Kurmi Software application suites is already a reality that today allows to automate customer on boarding and user management on a Cisco HCS Shared Architecture.

According to Christian Bongiovanni, co-CEO and CTO at Imagicle, this is a key partnership for Service Providers to address the growing demand for UCaaS. “We are very pleased to partner with Kurmi Software, an industry-leading UC management provider worldwide, and we’re proud to share with them experiences and technologies, granting Service Providers an easier, effective experience while delivering their new UCaaS and get out the best from their Cisco platforms. Many Service Providers are going to get started launching their new UCaaS for SMB, based on Cisco HCS SA + Imagicle + Kurmi Software.” 

Thibaut Felgeres, CEO at Kurmi Software, adds: “We have been working together with Imagicle during this year, and we believe that deepening our partnership will help each other to better serve our customers all over the world. In order to make Service Provider operations faster, smarter and easier, Kurmi Software will also automate in the coming weeks the configuration of the full set of Imagicle apps together with all other Cisco HCS SA components. This will represent a huge advantage for Service Providers, that can count on a single point of control to quickly deploy and simply manage their Cisco HCS platforms and automate the must-have UC apps offered by Imagicle.”

Furthermore, both companies have also a long experience in the Enterprise market which will benefit from the partnership, having best in class solutions completely integrated, that is essential to save time and money when deploying Cisco platform. This will also reduce risk of human errors when managing complex scenarios with thousands of users, providing them key services like Attendant Consoles, ACD-Advanced Queueing and Auto Attendant, Call Recording, Call Accounting, Fax Server and more.


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