IPCortex is a British company established in 2002 and is passionate about making people’s lives better through good communication. Its vision is a global one where everyone can easily and freely share great ideas within their communities of interest. To this end, it develops and markets innovative communication systems, regarded as some of the most accessible, reliable and easy to install in the market. The company’s solutions improve the way the world does real time person-to-person and person-to-machine communication, to the benefit of organisations, customers and communities they serve.

IPCortex promotes open technical standards and is passionate about using emerging technologies like WebRTC to improve the way people work. In fact, it’s been five years since IPCortex completed the UK’s first public demonstration of a call between a web browser and the PSTN using WebRTC. The company’s solutions integrate with the best vertical applications and networks in the communities it serves to generate combinational value.

Using this powerful technology, IPCortex is leading the future of communications - contextual communications. This takes advantage of the new generation of ‘always on’ apps, and will fundamentally change how people communicate. Contextual communications integrates rich, real-time communication interactions with applications themselves, putting voice, text and video capabilities inside an application, website or device delivered alongside any pertinent information required about that interaction. In short, information and communication will seamlessly “flow” in the way people expect and ultimately will not be recognisable as a distinct, siloed, friction-bearing operation.

In 2016, alongside incremental development of its IP PBX and unified comms. products and services, IPCortex introduced contextual communication software “building blocks” to its product set that allow resellers to make their customers’ workflows more efficient. This helps them to create entirely new services that make a difference to their bottom line.

IPCortex has operated 100 per cent through the channel for eight years, and helping partners flourish is a key priority. Its strategy is centered around enabling partners to make sales quickly by demolishing barriers, giving them what they need to make solid margin from every opportunity they encounter, and then supporting them so that their customers stay with them for longer. IPCortex achieves this by making its technology and commercials innovative and flexible, giving every partner the latitude to differentiate themselves in a crowded market by selling on total value. Together with top class technical support, often from the developers that build the products, its resellers routinely build loyal customer bases.

Making solutions accessible has always been important for IPCortex. As it’s not always easy for resellers to adjust to selling software, IPCortex have architected the product with a focus on simple migration between deployment models. By selling IPCortex, resellers will always have access to the right deployment model for that customer, and the ability to migrate between them - whether that’s on-prem, hosted, hardware, virtual, OPEX, CAPEX, standalone or embedded.
Today, over 80,000 business users rely on IPCortex communications software for everything from internal business communication, to customer service environments and purposeful applications where comms adds a new dynamic.

One of the reasons for this success is due to the company’s belief that its most significant asset is its team. It recruits the smartest people and gives them the maximum latitude to produce excellent technical and business solutions. This means that every team member is fully empowered to make a difference within their spheres of expertise - doing the things that they genuinely feel are right and align with their vision to be a long term value provider to customers, stakeholders, and wider global society.

Simply, IPCortex is a smart and honest organisation and it’s these key attributes that pervade everything that it does.

Rob Pickering
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