Journey is a security business with the mission of making it simple for businesses to build trusted digital relationships with their customers that deepen and grow in scope throughout the lifetime of their customer journey.

The Problem

There has been a lot of talk about Transforming the Customer Journey and many CEOs are now competing based on their Digital Customer Experience. Our observation was that if we are really going to transform the customer journey, we need verified identity to be the root of trust in the relationship between business and their customers. If we have this trust, all online and offline interactions become dramatically better and easier to deliver.

There are three fundamental Issues - Security, Privacy and Customer Experience.


The internet was created without an identity layer.

  • Enterprise Security has historically been focused on securing the network perimeter - VPN’s and SDN’s have extended those perimeters
  • Zero Trust security is a key focus today as we secure apps and devices
  • Securing the network, applications and devices is great but we still haven’t secured the human being or their environment
  • Shared secrets and devices can be stolen
  • In a remote worker, outsourcer or distributed environment anyone can look over your shoulder


Customer data within the enterprise is treated like any other data they own and has only recently become an external customer trust and regulatory issue with all of the  frequent data breaches and new privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Customer Experience

CX normally deteriorates as you ratchet up security and privacy. The digital marketing industry describes this as the tradeoff between fraud and friction… To improve customer experience while at the same time addressing security and privacy issues required a fundamentally new approach. 

Journey’s Core Technology

Journey addresses these challenges with the introduction of our patent pending Zero Knowledge Identity Network. It is a fundamentally new approach based on the latest in cryptography, multi-tenant cloud orchestration and scaling technologies. Our approach is based on a streamlined process which virtually eliminates friction in the Customer Experience while dramatically improving Security and Privacy, using the following underlying principles:

  • High Veracity Biometric Authentication of the person - not a device or shared secrets
  • Need to Know - Applying the intelligence community concept of “Need to know” 
  • Zero Knowledge Verification allows employees to verify customer identity  and information or complete transactions on the phone, through a chat or in-person without ever seeing customer personal, financial or healthcare data.
  • Zero Knowledge Network uses individually encrypted ephemeral sessions and never stores customer data or cryptographic keys, eliminating the typical honeypots of data that exist today and destroying hacker economics.


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