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Know Your Wins: Why Celebrating Success Should Be a Habit in Your Company

28 Sep 2020

In my experience, the greatest challenge, and the toughest factor in building a solid company, is putting together a team. You may be a born leader with polished soft skills and a veritable database of industry know-how, but you still would not be able to efficiently direct a company towards guaranteed success without a good team. The highest performing teams, consequently, build the most critical of outcomes, solid company culture.

In this article I look at what makes a team tick. More precisely, how to keep valuable employees motivated and productive by learning to identify success and celebrate it on a regular basis.

Before Being a Cheerleader, You Need to be the Coach

It’s been over 40 years since I took the mantle of management. And I’ve worked every second to get better at it so that my company could grow better and be sustainable. I like to think that over the past 20 years I managed to master (well, maybe not master) leadership and, most importantly, learned how to know the difference between what it means to be a leader vs. a manager.

As a CEO, my job requires me to always be in management mode. I can’t afford to ever fail to see the bigger picture. A critical factor of my position is to train, coach, mentor, and shape everyone to be their very best version of themselves. My goal is to have an influence on all the people that I work with. I must help them achieve their goals and become better at what they do. Essentially, I lead people to want to improve and I manage them to make it happen!

To train someone, you need to coach them constantly. And, in my opinion, this is the trickiest part, finding the best motivation for each and everyone. I often wish that something like a universal approach would exist. That would make leadership much easier. But there isn’t. The secret ingredient is getting to know the person and which buttons to push to help them advance. Some people have told me that I am making this too complicated saying, “Who has time to get to know the dynamics of all the people in an organization?” My return to that is, “That’s the territory in which I work. It is the difference in good to great. There are no broad strokes to excellence and although it may seem like a lot of hard work, if you’re full of passion, it’s a heck of a lot of fun!”

The Importance of Celebration

Coaching is not always pleasant for your team. Being pushed to succeed every day can take a toll on employees if they don’t take a breather from time to time. This is where celebration kicks in. It’s important to celebrate big company markers with all the members of your team, but it’s certainly not enough.

Company-wide celebration makes them feel included, it helps them realize just how important a piece they are in the bigger picture. However, individual celebrations are also crucial to show them that their work matters at a personal level, too.

At NobelBiz, we find ways to celebrate our victories every day. Apart from a 15-minute desk yoga session that we meet for three days a week, my managers also celebrate the small victories of their team members. Be it appraisal in the daily team meeting, more creative freedom, or the chance to pick their next project, there are small effortless and free methods of making your employees feel valued.

One of the tricks is to coach your managers regularly to adopt a company accepted management approach. Behavior is a key to imploring vision to intersect with culture. I can’t say enough of how efficient it is to have managers that use similar tactics. A cohesive management style can make the difference between a good and a great company. Because that’s truly when you can evaluate a person’s contribution and success. That’s when the assets really start shining.

Closing Thoughts

Celebrating your wins doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to throw a party every time somebody does a good job with something. But it does mean that they deserve appraisal. Recognizing a team member’s efforts and results takes you a long way and can help shape a company with a strong identity.




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