Lightware Invents.

Lightware is a 20-year-old engineering and manufacturing company headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. The products have evolved from matrix switchers and extenders for audio video transmission to full connectivity solutions for today’s applications.

Diagnostics, Analytics and the Open API are the key Lightware advantages. Built in diagnostic testing is one of the major differences in the Lightware offering. In our Smart TPS product line, we have built in cable testing tools that provide real-time data on the integrity of the cable and connections.

In addition, we have advanced analytics that serve up real-time data on the signals traveling through the Lightware matrix. These readings are directly from the HDMI chipsets and are exposed in our Open API.

The Open API allows third party integration and diagnostics to be reported up to higher level management systems.

Lightware has been the standard at concerts, arenas, and stadia for many years. Key customers include Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group, Disney, Industrial Light and Magic, and many others.

Over the last five years, the company has directed engineering and product development to accommodate the growing challenge of connectivity for offices and collaboration rooms. As a result of this direction, Cisco now offers Lightware products via their Solutions Plus program for thousands of customers worldwide. Lightware is the recommended standard for Webex Room Devices that require expansion or extension technologies.

Over 80% of the employees are university trained engineers and of that group, over 70% have Master Degrees or better in their field.

Jason Tirado
Lightware Inc.
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