Martha Buyer

Martha Buyer, LLC


Martha Buyer is an attorney whose practice is largely limited to the practice of communications technology law. She provides a wide range of communications technology consulting and legal services, primarily geared to support corporate end-users' work with carriers and equipment and service providers. She works with end users to enable them to navigate international, federal, state and local regulatory issues, with particular attention to emergency calling, and landlord rights when dealing with tower companies.

Ms. Buyer's expertise lies in combining an understanding of the technologies being offered along with contractual issues affecting all sides of the transaction. Prior to becoming an attorney, Ms. Buyer worked as a telecommunications network engineer for two major New York-based financial institutions and a large government contractor.

She is an adjunct faculty member at Regis University, the Jesuit college in Denver, where she teaches a graduate-level course in Ethics in IT, and she is frequently a contributor to the widely subscribed No Jitter, a publication geared towards enterprise users of communications products and services, as well as other widely subscribed publications.  

She has a B.A. from Colgate University, an M.S. in Telecommunications from the University of Colorado, and a J.D. from the University at Buffalo. She is admitted to the Bar in the States of New York, Colorado and Wisconsin, as well as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For more information, see


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