Mitel delivers the full value of IP Communications through networked business solutions that help customers achieve success through business process integration, enhanced employee productivity, increased customer loyalty and helping to generate new revenue streams.

We design, market and sell communications solutions to enterprises and organizations ranging from large multi-nationals to small businesses. Our portfolio of applications, call processing solutions and intuitive desktop devices are highly scalable, secure, easily managed and optimized to meet the complete communications needs of our customers. 

We deliver IP Communications solutions that provide business benefits to our customers with a focus on the user experience, ensuring that our solutions are easy to deploy, manage and use. Our customers enjoy solutions that are scalable, flexible, secure and aligned with their business systems architectures, whether distributed or centralized.

Our IP platforms are designed to act as both pure IP-based communications solutions and as gateways that facilitate interoperability with a customer’s existing voice infrastructure and legacy devices regardless of manufacturer. In the migration of our existing customer base from legacy telephony systems to IP-based systems, we have experienced significant growth in the sales of IP Communications solutions. We have also been successful in converting our competitors’ legacy installed base to IP-based systems as well as deploying our systems in “greenfield” opportunities.

Leveraging over 30 years of expertise in deploying enterprise communications, we are now an IP Communications product company that focuses on differentiating itself from competitors through the creation and deployment of customer specific vertical and horizontal applications. By providing the necessary tools and interfaces, we are able to deeply integrate enterprise communications into business processes creating new efficiency and productivity benefits. Our mission is to deliver highly intuitive, sophisticated, yet simple to use, solutions that not only match the needs of a modern business but reflect the specific needs of the end user.

Approximately 20 million users in over 90 countries today enjoy the experience of a Mitel communications environment. Our IP Communications environment is growing by over one million ports annually. Mitel is recognized as a major player in the deployment of IP Communications solutions.

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