netsapiens Integrates UC Contact - Call Center Feature Set Into Impact Telecom’s Cloud-Based Phone System

12 Jul 2017

Impact Telecom will be offering a special launch promotion for free Call Center services for the first three months if purchased through one of its authorized channel partners.

netsapiens, a provider of unified communications (UC) services and feature-sets to service providers and large enterprise, announces today that it has fully integrated its UC Contact (Call) Center feature set into Impact Telecom’s, a provider of traditional and cloud communications, cloud-based phone system. The new service offers seamless access to a suite of call center features and functionality via an intuitive web-based interface, including advanced call management, queue-based routing, queue callback, supervisor management and monitoring, contact history details, customizable supervisor dashboard, real-time and historical detailed reporting, and more.

“Through netsapiens, UC Contact Center feature set, we are able to offer an affordable alternative to expensive and complex multi-channel contact center solutions,” states Chuck Griffin, Impact Telecom’s CEO. “We found that many of our small to medium-sized business customers just don’t have the need or the budget for overblown call center solutions, making this new integrated feature set the go-to option for our target customers.”

netsapiens offers an all-inclusive feature set that enables any service provider to support carrier class contact and call centers – all managed down to the end-user level. Similar to all of the features available in netsapiens’ SNAPsolution, the contact center solutions have been developed to deliver the highest quality experience to users without demanding a significant investment from the service provider.

Key features include:

  • Advanced call management: empower your customers with call management tools that they can configure to fit any call center.
  • Improved quality assurance: ensure a positive customer experience through the use of quality monitoring tools and highly available network architecture.
  • Increased performance visibility: provides the user access to advanced reporting on a wide range of metrics.
  • Increased Control: supervisors can monitor contact centers using a stats grid on their portal’s home screen and all can be configured and managed through SNAPsolution’s multi-tenant portal interface.
  • UC Integration: features are accessible through the netsapiens online user portal - accessed anywhere from any device.
  • Gain real time information: access to statistics and data related to calls waiting, average wait time, average handling time, abandon rate, calls answered, and call volume.
  • Improved reporting: supervisors are also able to run reports and gather information about an entire call center or take a deep dive into the more granular metrics for improved productivity and increased revenue.

“Impact is the perfect example of the netsapiens mission,” states Ken Adams, VP of Marketing and Partnerships at netsapiens. “It is our goal to build communications solutions that empower our service provider clients to deliver better offerings to their clients. We are proud to see Impact using our contact center applications to give their clients a customized solution that meets their needs  - at a reasonable price point.”

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