New RingCentral Persist Solution Maintains Services in the Event of Internet Outage at Customer Locations

12 Mar 2019

RingCentral today announced RingCentral Persist™, a new solution that enables enterprise customers to maintain communications services in case of an Internet failure at a customer’s location. RingCentral Persist will enable customers to continue communications services including emergency calling, extension-to-extension dialing, and inbound and outbound calling. RingCentral Persist is easy to deploy for IT and delivers a seamless experience for end users. RingCentral will showcase this new solution at booth #1806 at Enterprise Connect, March 18 - 21, in Orlando.

“As organizations move to cloud communications, it is imperative for them to have uninterrupted access to business-critical communications services,” said Robin Gareiss, president, Nemertes Research. “Cloud services that maintain voice and emergency calling capabilities during Internet outages have an edge because they address platform availability requirements.”

In combination with RingCentral Office®, RingCentral Persist provides customers with the benefit of advanced cloud capabilities and site resiliency in the event of an Internet outage at a customer’s location. Communications capabilities including making and receiving calls and emergency calling remain available to users at the affected site. RingCentral Persist adds additional resiliency to RingCentral’s existing high availability delivery infrastructure for the most demanding customer environments.

“Business continuity and safety are paramount in enterprise environments,” said Jose Pastor, senior vice president, product management at RingCentral. “RingCentral Persist enables customers to continue communications even during an Internet outage. In addition, to simplify deployment and ongoing support for IT administrators, RingCentral Persist is easy to provision and manage through the RingCentral service portal.”

Key RingCentral Persist capabilities include:

  • Emergency Calling & Callback
    • Enables calling to the local Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) via the PSTN connection
    • Routes emergency call-backs to the caller during an emergency
  • Extension-to-Extension Dialing
    • Extension-to-extension dialing will continue to function both at the affected site and, by leveraging the PSTN connection, among customers’ sites 
  • Inbound and Outbound Calling
    • Facilitates calling external numbers via the PSTN connection
    • Allows incoming calls to be routed to a set of designated users


RingCentral Persist will be available to customers worldwide in Q2 2019.


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