Nextiva Announces NextOS Release

By Robbie Pleasant
15 May 2018

Nextiva announced the official launch of NextOS, its new platform that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. The new Nextiva platform is an all-in-one communications software, and is being used for three new products: Nextiva Service CRM, Nextiva Chat, and Nextiva Surveys. The products work together with Nextiva Voice, providing what Nextiva calls “true all-in-one communication and holistic insight into the customer journey.”

NextOS is made to provide a full view of customers across all communications channels, so as to address challenges caused by fragmented communications. Rather than using multiple applications to track all customer communications, the products on the NextOS platform work together through a common user interface.

The most interesting part of NextOS is how it utilizes Artificial Intelligence to help automate workflows and gain insights from data. The products powered by NextOS use NextIQ, which combines AI and machine learning along with Nextiva’s SmartTopics and experience sorting, as well as NextStep, a customizable visual rules engine. This helps companies gain a comprehensive view of their customers and receive targeted workflow automations

Currently, NextOS powers three new Nextiva products. The first is the Nextiva Service CRM, which helps customers contact businesses via chat, email, or phone, all of which can be managed from a single screen to improve customer and employee communications. Nextiva Chat helps businesses connect with visitors to their websites to provide a faster and better customer experience, and Nextiva Surveys provides multiple survey customization options for gathering information.

According to Blair Pleasant, co-founder of BCStrategies: “Nextiva has been on a journey to evolve beyond cloud-based VoIP and UCaaS for some time, and NextOS brings this vision to fruition. CEO Tomas Gorney has long stated that the company is on a mission to simplify communications by bringing together previously fragmented capabilities. Nextiva is differentiating itself with its new products that leverage its AI and machine learning capabilities to provide improved customer experiences through CRM, chat, surveys, and analytics.”

She adds, “It’s clear that Nextiva has set its sights on CRM and other customer experience capabilities, helping its customers better engage with their customers. As CEO Tomas Gorney notes, ‘VoIP is to Nextiva as books were to Amazon.’ This is a big step for Nextiva and sets the stage for the company to reinvent itself in new areas besides UCaaS, while also competing with several traditional players.”

This announcement comes on the 10th anniversary of Nextiva getting its first customer. For more information, visit


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