Nextiva Launches NextOS

31 Oct 2017

Nextiva has announced the launch of a new platform, complete with several new tools and features for customer service, chats, and surveys. The new NextOS platform is rolling out to select businesses across several industries, and is set to be widely available in early 2018.

Nextiva CEO Tomas Gorny introduced NextOS at the company’s annual conference, NextCon. The platform is intended to unify communications technologies into one platform, so that businesses of all sizes can provide enterprise-level customer engagement. It’s aligned with the company’s goal to provide more widespread access to the best communications technologies available, and includes several tools for workplace communication.

Among the key components for NextOS is Nextiva ServiceCRM. This database stores information on customer history, relationships, and pertinent employee information to create an understanding and full view of each customer’s experiences. A complete view of a customer’s history with the organization can be viewed across all touch points in real time.

There’s also Nextiva Chat, a browser-based chat system. It provides live chat on websites, so customers can reach agents quickly to answer their questions or help them along their journey, as well as internal chat within the organization, allowing employees to communicate and coordinate quickly.

Also included are Nextiva Surveys and Nextiva Analytics. The Survey tool allows organizations to create and distribute surveys among their users and customers, while Nextiva Analytics is an enhanced analytics tool for all communications methods, including surveys, chats, and emails.

According to Blair Pleasant, co-founder of UCStrategies, “Nextiva has set out to solve what it calls the business communications crisis, and launched a platform that the company claims will revolutionize the way companies connect and engage with customers.”

She added: “The release of NextOS is a major milestone for Nextiva, which is known as a cloud-based VoIP and UCaaS provider, and is now expanding to the world of customer relationship management and customer engagement. This provides a great opportunity for Nextiva, its channel partners, and customers.”

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