NICE inContact Releases Updated CXone

20 Sep 2017

NICE inContact has announced a new release of its CXone customer experience platform. The Summer 2017 release integrates analytics-based omnichannel routing, workforce optimization, analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence, each of which is built on an Open Cloud Foundation.

As a unified cloud native solution, CXone now offers comprehensive omnichannel journey management for all voice and digital channels, along with an improvement in its routing accuracy, and is intended to help contact centers meet their business goals while customer needs continue to evolve. Businesses can analyze the entirety of a customer’s experience, so as to locate positive and negative customer interactions and take immediate action to improve satisfaction.

Additionally, the Summer Release of CXone provides a new user interface that allows for customized text analysis, based on terminology specific to the industry, or even the individual company. Users can create custom categories for monitoring specific discussion topics, so if a certain topic becomes a frequently asked question, they’ll know it needs addressing and can quickly handle it.

With these improvements, NICE inContact hopes to empower customer service agents with the ability to identify and proactively assist online shoppers. Co-browsing allows agents to guide customers through their online journey, by sharing web pages or online forms and providing visual notes and highlights. Advanced chat options let agents synchronize their screen displays with customers, while proactive chat lets contact centers control how chat is offered through a rules-based intelligence engine.

Additionally, NICE inContact has developed a fully unified Workforce Optimization solution, called CXone Workforce Optimization. It delivers omnichannel routing and analytics in a single interface, and puts user management in a “one and done” path. The suite includes CXone Recording, CXone Quality Management, and CXone Workforce Management, brought together into a single interface.

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