About Ooma

Ooma [NYSE: OOMA] provides top-rated cloud communications for businesses large and small with VoIP, UCaaS and Call Center solutions that are simple to use, highly customizable, and extremely reliable.

Ooma Office is known for reliability and value. It has been rated the #1 VoIP Business Choice Winner by PC Magazine for six years in a row. This solution enables businesses to customize how they manage their incoming calls, so business opportunities are never missed. It has all-inclusive pricing for all features, 24x7 customer support, and no contracts.  Here are some key features that customers appreciate about Ooma Office:

  • Simple, yet sophisticated business phone system that is easy to set up and use.
  • Works with analog phones, plug and play Ooma IP phones, and smartphones via the mobile app.
  • Free number transfer. In most cases you can easily port your existing number to maintain business continuity.
  • Big business features like virtual receptionist, ring groups, and extension dialing present a professional image and customer experience. 
  • Scales easily.  Expand to another office location or to a team members’ remote office.
  • You can deploy easily same-day or over a weekend for zero business disruption.
  • No contracts. Just an all-inclusive affordable monthly rate and reliable communications that provide excellent quality and business value. 

Ooma Enterprise is a UCaaS platform that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. It provides VoIP, voice and video conferencing, messaging, and call center solutions.  Its open APIs enable integrations with other CRM and back-end SaaS solutions to streamline workflows, improve customer experience, enhance accuracy, and speed order and billing processes.  Its customers have integrated into popular solutions such as Salesforce as well as proprietary AI systems. Ooma Enterprise also provides fiber connectivity, SIP/IP trunking, along with network design and security solutions.

  • Ooma believes in providing best-in-class service. Customer Success Heroes are assigned to every customer to ensure the highest levels of service.
  • Customer Success Heroes can tailor clients’ communications systems with specific call flows and integrations into other SaaS solutions, such as Salesforce CRM, Office365, GSuite, Zendesk, and even home-grown solutions.
  • Businesses can digitally transform workflows and processes so they are faster and more accurate, while providing better business intelligence, analytics, and optimization.  
  • Call Center has easy drag-n-drop call flows so you can create a customized call route within minutes. Call center data can be integrated into SaaS solutions and businesses are seeing transformative benefits from integrating into customer ordering, payment, billing, and AI systems that fuels predictive ordering and faster service.
  • Businesses across many industries that have various types of legacy systems don’t want to completely divest from them immediately.  Ooma Enterprise can address your business’s architecture so you can deploy UCaaS and gain significant cost efficiencies.  The team evaluates and deploys fiber connectivity, SIP/IP trunking, along with network design and security solutions as needed to support your complete business communications architecture and customized solutions. 

Learn more about what Ooma (ooma.com) provides.

For small busineses: https://www.ooma.com/small-business-phone-systems/

For mid-to-large enterprises: https://www.ooma.com/enterprise-communications/

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