Plantronics Releases MDA400 QD Series

6 Oct 2017

Plantronics has announced the release of a new series of audio processors for contact centers - the MDA400 QD series. This new advanced audio hub  provides contact center agents access to call functions across desk phones and computers, so agents can transition between devices without interruption.

The MDA400 QD comes in two models – the MDA480 QD and MDA490 QD. Both models allow contact center managers to gain analytics and insight from legacy desk phones, which Plantronics claims is an industry first.

The MDA480 provides a quick disconnect from Plantronics EncorePro headsets along with access to data for usage, conversation, and acoustic analysis. Similarly, the MDA490 offers those capabilities while leveraging a connection to the digital versions of EncorePro headsets, adding inventory tracking of specific headsets.

Additionally, Plantronics recently announced the Plantronics Manager Pro 3.10, which adds a range of features to the Plantronics Manager Pro suites. The new features include Open Data Access APIs, Bluetooth link Quality Reporting, and analysis features for assets, usage, conversation quality, and acoustics.

By adding the Plantronics Manager Pro software-as-a-service solution, both models can enable call analytics from PCs and desk phones, allowing workplace managers to make informed decisions. It extends the Asset Analysis, Conversation Analysis, and Acoustic Analysis Suites from desk phones, so users can improve the quality of agent conversations and review the history of any acoustic events that may occur while using Plantronics products.

Users can use the Bluetooth Link Quality Report to identify the user’s average call quality, based on the percentage of packet errors and related data, to ensure call audio quality all around. The solution also helps workplaces meet acoustic protection requirements, such as those set by the OSHA Occupational Noise Exposure or EU Noise at Work directive.

The MDA 400 Series is available now, with the 480 costing $169.95 and the 490 costing $179.95. For more information, visit


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