Predictions: Post-COVID Business Communications World

29 Apr 2020

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the BCStrategies Experts take a look into the future and answer the question, "what do we think the post COVID-19 world will look like?" Blair Pleasant moderates the conversation, with Experts Marty Parker, Phil Edholm, Elizabeth English, Robert Harris, Kevin Kieller, Sara Uzel, Tom Brannen, Jon Arnold, Steve Leaden and Jim Burton.

The wide-ranging discussion touches on all facets of Business Communication (BC): solution providers, end users, and industry analysts and consultants. Blair Pleasant kicked off the discussion by noting that organizations will soon need to take a hard look at lessons learned during this experience to identify what worked and what didn’t in order to move forward in the post-pandemic world. Marty Parker offers a framework for BC companies to apply lessons learned. (Also see his article on the topic, Scenarios for Post-COVID-19 Business Communications.) Kevin Kieller makes the case for using analytics for future decisions. Tom Brannen lauds the industry for how its platforms and tools have scaled with the recent demands of the pandemic but suggests that the digital divide is more evident than ever. Steve Leaden cautions end users about the introductory offers that will end soon, and lays out the case for updated ROI strategies. Phil Edholm looks at three areas of the BC industry affected by COVID-19: the desk phone, the acceleration of cloud, and total cost of ownership. Elizabeth English addresses how COVID-19 is affecting the government and education sectors.

Robert Lee Harris points out that remote work does not automatically require moving to cloud communications, and that many companies may make the mistake of an “all or nothing” approach to working from home. Jon Arnold adds his thoughts about how the pandemic could be the best thing to happen for UC, as work from home is an ideal use case. He adds that while video usage has really jumped, many of us are getting video fatigue from all these long sessions, so there’s also been a nice bump in telephony usage as sometimes people just want or need to talk.

Sara Uzel reports on the adoption of Microsoft Teams, and the cultural shifts she is seeing. Jim Burton suggests that the changes will come in stages; rather than comparing how things are now versus how they will be when the pandemic is over, be prepared for changes to happen over time.

Refer to the time codes below for each speaker:

  • Blair Pleasant
  • Marty Parker (4:00)
  • Phil Edholm (9:32)
  • Elizabeth English (16:19)
  • Marty Parker (20:40)
  • Phil Edholm (21:47)
  • Robert Harris (22:48)
  • Kevin Kieller (26:39)
  • Robert Harris (32:03)
  • Sara Uzel (34:04)
  • Tom Brannen (36:31)
  • Jon Arnold (42:27)
  • Blair Pleasant (47:00)
  • Steve Leaden (48:25)
  • Jim Burton (51:54)
  • Blair Pleasant (54:12)


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