ChoiceView, from Radish Systems, is a patented, award-winning mobile enterprise solution allowing businesses to talk and instantly share visuals and other data via smartphones or browsers. It eases the pain of frustrating automated phone systems and live assistance. Firms struggle to provide mobile customer support that increases user satisfaction while efficiently completing transactions. ChoiceView allows agents / PC users and device / browser users to seamlessly share visual content while talking/chatting. It transforms existing and new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems into efficient, true Visual IVRs. It is an over-the-top solution that is compatible with the existing infrastructure. ChoiceView works with any phone, any network. The result is more completed revenue-producing business transactions. Firms increase revenues, reduce costs, and improve caller satisfaction from faster/better transactions. See the demo video at There is more info at


ChoiceView is the world’s first solution for transforming traditional voice-only automated phone systems and live assistance from many vendors into next generation "Voice with Visuals" multi-channel systems. Mobile and browser users can see, hear, and send visual content while talking with live agents as well as "self-service" agents. See the demo videos and learn more at

The uniqueness of ChoiceView is that it uses a real-time data switch and communications protocol to quickly and seamlessly join a secure data session to any phone call.  The result is an enhanced phone call that is compatible with the existing phone infrastructure, including: network switching, routing and redirection features; domestic and international dialing plans, business contact center routing and queuing; and Integrated Voice Response (IVR) systems with call transfer. ChoiceView is an over-the-top solution that is easily deployed by businesses and it offers callers the familiarity of using their existing phones and dialers. Skype and other VoIP services that can egress to the public switched telephone network are also compatible with ChoiceView.

ChoiceView Products

Radish is now making its HIPAA-compliant ChoiceView technology available via direct deployment in organizations and via licensing to partners (including OEMs and resellers) who can embed it in their products. It's a quick way for businesses to improve communications with their customers and visually jumpstart their existing IVR and contact center systems. ChoiceView won 2014 Product of the Year from CUSTOMER magazine for its Visual IVR and six other innovation awards. The technology elements include:

  •  ChoiceView iOS and Android apps for use by mobile callers
  •  ChoiceView web app for any user with access to a browser
  •  ChoiceView SDK for embedding ChoiceView in existing mobile apps
  •  ChoiceView Live Agent program for use by contact center agents or any PC users
  •  ChoiceView REST API for including ChoiceView in most premises and cloud-based IVRs as well as cloud-based contact centers


There are many benefits from implementing the now patented ChoiceView technology. For customers, the user experience is improved and satisfaction increases. Problems and inquiries are handled faster. Comprehension and recall are improved as much as 600% (Brain Rules by Dr. John Medina). Businesses see reduced time and costs per call as well as improved customer satisfaction and retention. Higher revenues and profit per call are generated. Businesses receive a distinct competitive edge.


Customer support is the killer app to improve sales and service. Use cases across many industries include mobile commerce, True Visual Interactive Voice Response systems (, technical support, employee communications, and enhanced customer support. In health care, for example, nurse coaches can talk while instantly sharing complex medical information with patients thereby improving health outcomes and patient adherence. In retail, customers can talk and quickly see product information, receive order status, and purchase just the right products resulting in happier customers and fewer returns. See more use cases and demo videos at

About Radish Systems

Radish Systems (aka Radish 2.0) was founded in 2009 by Bell Labs veterans who are serial technology entrepreneurs and experts on voice / data integration. Previously, this same team created and successfully sold in 1996 a firm, Radish Communications Systems (aka Radish 1.0). Its voice/data integration protocol was licensed in 1994 by Microsoft, Intel, AT&T, Rockwell, Sony, AST Research, and dozens of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). It became the defacto standard and shipped with the Windows operating system and in over 90% of off-the-shelf PCs, modems, and chip sets. Radish products for contact centers and IVR systems, including the first Visual IVR, were used by 1-800-Flowers, Blockbuster Music, Delta Airlines, Citibank, Wells Fargo, and other companies to improve efficiency and value of transactions with customers.