RingCentral Announces Products & Enhancements

19 Nov 2018

RingCentral has released three new products and updates: RingCentral Engage Platform, RingCentral Connect Platform Program, and the RingCentral Unified Mobile App. These are intended to address challenges modern users face each day, and are currently available.

RingCentral Engage is a digital customer engagement platform, made possible by the company’s recent acquisition of Dimelo. It is designed to help customer support agents connect with experts within their organization so as to better resolve customer issues. It leverages an AI-based smart routing engine to efficiently manage customer interactions. RingCentral Engage will soon integrate RingCentral’s team messaging and video solutions to elevate interactions from messaging to video conversations with ease.

RingCentral’s open platform has been updated with artificial intelligence to deliver voice analytics services in real time and after calls. This is made possible by partnerships with Gong.io, ThetaLake, and Velvetech, with each company bringing its expertise to RingCentral’s solutions.

Velvetech is using RingCentral’s open APIs to create a real-time transcription solution with machine learning capabilities, which can make recommendations to sales agents based on the performance of top agents. Gong.io, similarly, is using RingCentral’s APIs to incorporate machine learning into its solutions for sales teams, while ThetaLake is working with RingCentral to enable the archival of audio recordings in highly regulated industries.

In addition to the AI premier partners, RingCentral is also enhancing its partner integrations with Box and Google. For Google, users can use the native Google Calendar Add-on to use RingCentral for audio and video calling, while RingCentral Archiver with Box lets users archive communications data from RingCentral’s solutions.

Last but not least, RingCentral announced the availability of its new Unified Mobile App. This app is designed to remove the need for multiple communications applications, merging voice, video meetings, team messaging and more into a single mobile application. It’s designed to be centered around collaboration, allowing users to create teams, maintain persistent chat, share files and more, while integrating enterprise voice capabilities and video meetings.

These new offerings are available now. For more information, visit www.ringcentral.com.


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