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Saying Hello to NTT Ltd.

28 Oct 2019

After many, many months of planning, the new NTT Ltd. made its debut in July, and recently provided industry analysts a look at the new consolidated company.

Based on the acquisition of 28 companies, including Dimension Data, Emerio, DTSI, Gyron, Netmagic, RagingWire Data Centers, Arkadin, Oakton, e2y, Millenium 1, Secure24, Virtela, DPA, Britehouse, e-shelter, WhiteHat Security, Capside, Transatel, Symmetry, and others, NTT Ltd. is a new powerhouse. As CEO Jason Goodall points out, “This isn’t 28 companies coming together that are being forced together by a venture capital company – we’ve worked together and have been friends for years.” He added that NTT Ltd. Is 40,000 employee start-up company, with 15,000 clients worldwide, and does business with more than 85 of the Global Fortune 100.

According to Goodall, NTT Holdings decided to create NTT Ltd. because of the importance of digital transformation and the role of data, noting, “There isn’t a business not trying to figure out how to collect, analyze, mine the data and use the insights to monetize and improve revenue streams. The world is driven by data.”

NTT Ltd. is positioning itself as a global leader in security, hybrid cloud, managed services, client and employee experience, and digital infrastructure. The company recognizes that while many of its brands are leaders in these areas, the combined company has to make it clear that NTT Ltd. is a leader in these areas. According to Goodall, “There’s an opportunity to make sure we can lead with scale and start to take duplication of investment out of our model.”

The rebranding will be completed by December 2019, and while much of the work has been done, Goodall acknowledges that now it’s all about execution.

Goodall explained that the company’s goal is to create a connected future, noting “We help our people, clients, communities do great things with technology. We believe that when we are connected, the world becomes a better place.” To that end, NTT Ltd. Is “Performance Driven and Purpose Led,” meaning that as a leading global technology services provider, it brings together ideas, people and technology to change the world.

I had a chance to speak with Goodall to get more information about the company, how it views innovation and co-innovation, and more.

Key services provided by NTT Ltd. include consulting, managed services, support services, technical services, and application services. The company takes its offerings to market across a range of areas, including:

  • Intelligent business
  • Intelligent cybersecurity
  • Intelligent infrastructure
  • Intelligent workplace

I had the chance to catch up with Alex Bennett, Global SVP Intelligent Workplace, to get a better understanding of the Intelligent Workplace and how it fits with the rest of the organization, as well as the role of change management and what to expect in the roadmap.


An important element of the Intelligent Workplace is NTT Ltd.’s cloud communications business. In addition to providing products, services, and platforms for the Intelligent Workplace, the Cloud Communications Business will also maintain its own go-to-market efforts based on the Arkadin offerings, aimed primarily at the midmarket.

I spoke with Fiona Lodge, Chief Product and Strategy Officer for Cloud Communications Business, who described the overall cloud communications business, products and services, and the role it plays in the overall NTT Ltd. organization.


To get more information on the Intelligent Business, I spoke with Wayne Speechly, Group VP for Digital Transformation, Intelligent Business. Speechly described the group’s value proposition, how it fits in with the rest of NTT, which products and services fall under Intelligent Business, and more. 


Throughout the event the NTT Ltd. executive team spent a good amount of time describing how the integrated company came together, including the rebranding and all the details involved – including the new logo.


NTT Ltd. branding


In this video Ruth Rowan, CMO, discusses the key messages from the event and the work involved with the brand change.


It was great to see the many of the values of Dimension Data, including its commitment to conservation, and its role as technology partner for the Amaury Sport Organisation and the Tour de France, continue forward with the new company. And in case you’re wondering, the Team Dimension Data cycling team will be rebranded to Team NTT.


NTT Ltd. Tour de France


As Goodall pointed out, it’s all about execution now. Based on what I’ve seen and the dedication of the executives and employees to make the new company a success, I have high expectations.