Sennheiser Launches New Wireless Speakerphone for Instant Conferences – Anywhere

21 Apr 2019

Sennheiser’s new SP 30 Speakerphone is a portable wireless conferencing solution for today’s mobile workforce. “Our daily meetings are becoming increasingly virtual, driven by globalization and more flexible working styles. Our new SP 30 enables people to collaborate efficiently and set up conference calls at a moment’s notice in any location“, says Theis Mork, Vice President of Product Management Enterprise Solutions at Sennheiser.

Global audio specialist Sennheiser releases the new SP 30 wireless speakerphone at Enterprise Connect, Orlando, USA, March 18-21, 2019. The SP 30 is a flexible collaboration tool for meetings in and out of the office, supporting conference calls with up to 8 people. With its lightweight design, Bluetooth® or USB-C plug’n’play and multipoint connectivity with up to three devices, the SP 30 is not only convenient as a personal device for instant conference calls on the go. It can also be used as a shared tool in huddle spaces as well as small to mid-sized meeting rooms. Two noise and echo cancelling microphones with a long-range voice pick-up and an ultra-low distortion speaker with clear voice reproduction provide an exceptional speech and audio experience for conference calls, music and multimedia. If needed, the Voice Assistant is only one touch away.

The wireless speakerphone comes in two variants, SP 30 and SP 30 +. The SP 30 + includes the BTD 800 USB dongle, providing a rapid Bluetooth® connection to PC and Mac.

Sennheiser SP 30 Wireless Speakerphone

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Natural conversation experience and Certified for Microsoft Teams   With an industry-leading duplex performance that ensures simultaneous speech without any dropouts, the SP 30 provides a natural conversing experience even in challenging environments. The SP 30 is crafted with premium materials, and its conveniently winding cable and safe dongle storage makes it a perfect travel companion. Later in 2019 SP 30 will also be Certified for Microsoft Teams.

“Microsoft Teams opens up a shared, flexible workspace that helps teams spread around the globe to optimize workflows and speed up their decision-making processes. The Sennheiser SP 30 for Microsoft Teams enables businesses to use our software and communication tools and ensure seamless and clear-cut sound for natural conversations during team calls,” says Ilya Bukshteyn, Partner Director of Devices for Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Corp.
Virtual collaboration is the future The SP 30 supports the digital, collaborative work style regardless of time, space and personal circumstances. “We at Sennheiser believe that virtual collaboration is essential for building strong relationships with colleagues and business partners in a modern world,” says Theis Mork, Vice President of Product Management Enterprise Solutions at Sennheiser. “With our product innovations we aim to further the trend of a dynamic way of working and enable mobile professionals to lead a more self-determined work life in the future.” 


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