Solgari provides Cloud Integrated Communications Services to business customers globally including Hosted PBX, Contact Center, CTI, Predictive Dialing & IVR solutions. This SOAP based cloud service is provided both directly to Enterprise & SMB customers and through partners such as telcos, system integrators, cloud service aggregators and CRM consultants. The services are available on a monthly subscription basis providing our customers business enhancing cost savings and productivity gains compared to traditional phone and telecoms infrastructure.

Solgari's mission is to enable our customers to increase revenues, reduce costs and transform your businesses anywhere in the world. Solgari is positioned at the centre of the Cloud Communications space which is one of fastest growing cloud services globally.

Solgari Cloud Contact Centre

Solgari’s Automated Call Distribution (ACD) system ensures that each contact is handled appropriately through Solgari’s ACD Queues and Skill-Based Routing. Solgari has the flexibility to prioritize inbound contact traffic to maximize business results. When queue times are long or particular agents are unavailable, Solgari can be customized to handle these calls any way your business requires such as hold music, marketing messages, in-queue announcements such as estimated wait times, voicemail or call back options to reduce abandoned contacts. Solgari also offers full blended contact centre functionality to provide the ultimate contact centre utilisation and management.

Solgari Contact Center can increase the productivity of your contact centre staff whether office, or home based, by delivering smarter predictive dialling capability by using Solgari Engage to integrate Social Media communications as part of an overall UC (Unified Communications) strategy.

Flexibility in both technology and implementation are the key drivers for the new generation of contact centres and the ability to cope with different choices of interaction by consumers at different times and deliver that all important quality customer experience

Solgari IVR

Solgari hosted IVR application allows callers to complete virtually any job that can be performed by a live agent at a fraction of the cost. When a user calls a company with Solgari IVR they can be presented with a fully customizable menu system via voice or user input-driven commands. From there the caller is directed to the appropriate information or agent. This application is essential to organizations large and small that are looking for new ways to cut costs and provide better customer service.

Solgari IVR is a proven IVR platform that delivers the reliability and flexibility required by contact centers but unlike traditional proprietary IVR platforms, the Solgari IVR platform is based entirely on cloud service technology. Solgari’s IVR enable businesses to provide touch-tone (DTMF) or speech input, depending on your preference or the circumstances of the contact. Using the latest in advanced speech recognition technology, the Solgari IVR will analyse spoken input and provide an appropriate response, including easy-to-configure confirmations and error prompts.

Solgari Predictive Dialler

Solgari provides the market-leading predictive dialler to automate your outbound contact campaigns while increasing talk time and agent productivity. Solgari’s Predictive Dialler automates your agents dialling process, detects connected calls, busy signals or answering machines, and determines agent availability based on talk time, skills and many other parameters you choose. Our Predictive Dialler is geographically independent, enabling services to be shared across various locations. The sophistication of Solgari’s outbound call management capabilities improve agent effectiveness, allow flexibility in managing operational costs and leverages the investment you may have already made in your current technology and infrastructure.

Hosted PBX

Solgari’s Hosted PBX offering is a service that combines the advantages of lowering both telephony infrastructure and call costs while increasing the communications features available to a business. There is no need to install and maintain a local telephone PBX system with IP phones connecting to Solgari’s full service cloud telephony platform. By taking advantage of the lowest platinum wholesale rates, all calls are charged at the lowest rates. The extensive feature list includes the facility to make the Hosted PBX platform the centre of any company’s Unified Communications strategy. Solgari provides Hosted PBX services as part of our Enterprise and Small Business offerings.

Solgari Connect

Solgari Connect offers integration of our services with leading CRM vendors such as, Bullhorn and Microsoft Dynamics as well as enabling interaction between voice, email, mobile devices, IM and Social Media.

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The Teams application is based on Solgari’s solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service which launched last year.