Solgari for Microsoft Teams launch

24 May 2022

Dublin, Ireland – Monday 23rd May

  • Solgari announces new contact centre solution for Microsoft Teams based on Dynamics 365 Customer Service that meets customer and patient services use cases across Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, and other industries.
  • Solgari for Microsoft Teams enables SMB and Enterprise customers with all-channel contact centre capability in Teams.
  • Speed to value is a key differentiator, the solution is available for trial and onboarding, delivering against industry-specific use cases and business impact immediately.
  • Solgari for Microsoft Teams is delivered on Microsoft Azure globally, meeting regional & country level data sovereignty security trust and industry compliance including UK, Western Europe, ANZ, Asia Pacific, US and Canada.

Solgari, a member of Microsoft’s Inner Circle for Business Applications since 2020, is delighted to announce that our proven and trusted all channel contact-centre-as-a-service (CCaaS) solution is now available as an application for Microsoft Teams. The Teams application is based on Solgari’s solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service which launched last year.

Solgari for Microsoft Teams brings new capabilities in agent-assisted and automated Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing to millions of active Teams users and their customers.

Solgari for Teams brings additional communication channels for inbound and outbound customer engagement, including SMS, WhatsApp, social media, Voice, and any API-enabled channel. Integrations for globally relevant channels including WeChat and Line are scheduled into the solution roadmap.

Agents can switch effortlessly from internal collaboration with colleagues, to customer and prospect-facing conversations, and with multi-session handling across different channels as standard as well as real-time reporting dashboards. The solution takes advantage of the integration between Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 by providing case management capability that writes the relevant communications into the customer entity timelines.

Supervisors and Business Leaders benefit from one golden source of all unified communication channel data, enabling both day-to-day management of their contact centre estate as well as strategic refinement and operational efficiency gains.

Customers benefit from the wide range of industry-specific use cases that Solgari for Microsoft Teams enables, such as patient and family outreach by healthcare professionals, delivery of compliant remote financial advisory services, or post-sale service and support in manufacturing and retail.

Solgari’s strategy leverages Microsoft cloud through the all-channel cloud contact centre solution integrated with Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365, and specific Microsoft Industry Cloud focus across Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and Non-Profit. The solution is available on Azure and supports regional compliance and security requirements and provides a tier-1 carrier service.

Marcel McCann, Solgari CTO, said “Solgari for Microsoft Teams answers the demand from Teams users who want to use the application for customer service and sales, putting Teams at the centre of customer communications. Delivered on Azure and leveraging our Solgari for Dynamics 365 application, Solgari is delivering a scalable and global solution that gives any Teams user access to any communication channel, all contact centre and case management capability to address their own industry use cases. We are delighted to extend our deep integration with Microsoft with this high value, customer focused solution for the modern workplace.”

Ben Summers, Director, Teams & Microsoft 365 Platform Marketing at Microsoft, said “Solgari is taking advantage of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 to deliver a high value add cloud contact centre solution to Teams users. The integration of Solgari with Microsoft Teams offers Teams users an all-channel cloud contact centre solution that rapidly addresses their customers’ sales and support requirements across multiple industries.”

Solgari for Microsoft Teams is available now on Microsoft AppSource as a “preferred solution”, as well as selected ISV partner marketplaces of high relevance for SMB customers globally.

Solgari for Microsoft Teams demonstrates Solgari’s continued commitment to excellence in innovation as an ISV within the Microsoft ecosystem – building on a year of deepening our usage and penetration across Microsoft, including being recognised for Azure IP Co-Sell ready status, the recent migration of Solgari entirely to Azure, and being one of the only communication ISVs included in the Business Application Inner Circle for Microsoft’s FY22.

About Solgari

Solgari is a Premium Tier Microsoft Business Applications ISV Connect Partner and part of the Microsoft Inner Circle for Business Applications. Solgari provides the All-Channel Communications Solution for Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform, as well as the Solgari for Dynamics 365 Customer Voice Solution which delivers automated phone and SMS surveys.

Our solutions allow Teams, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform customers across Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Real Estate and Non-Profit to address all business communications from customer care, contact tracing, sales, marketing, surveys, and automation, across all channels and functions removing the need for multiple telephony, contact centre, recording and archiving, and carrier solutions. Solgari is an end-to-end global cloud communications solution requiring no hardware or software and in conjunction with our carrier and SMS capability, is available anywhere.

If you are interested in finding out more about Solgari customer outcomes, visit



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