This Space Podcast: What Constitutes Work in a Digital World, and Future of Work Expo Preview

21 Feb 2024

BCStrategies' Jon Arnold and Chris Pine continue with Season 7 for Watch This Space, where the focus is Jon's upcoming Future of Work Expo in Ft. Lauderdale. Sessions will cover a lot of timely topics that should be familiar to our regular listeners - but some new ones too - including privacy, identity, immersive tech, large language models, endpoint usage, evolving role of IT, collaboration trends, agent experience, organizational structures, and workspaces for FOW. To set the stage for all this, we took a broader view for FOW through our analog lens, raising fundamental concerns about the very nature of work as our world becomes more digital and more virtual, and as we work increasingly in isolation from each other.



Watch This Space podcast


Watch This Space (WTS) - The podcast about future of work, communications technology and business transformation - is a monthly podcast that has been produced by Jon Arnold and Chris Fine since 2018. Two analog guys searching for the soul of technology in a digital world.



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