Talkdesk Launches Context Mobile

By Robbie Pleasant
13 Sep 2017

Talkdesk has unveiled a new suite of products, built to provide intelligence on customer self-service activity to contact center agents. Along with the newly announced suite, Talkdesk Context, Talkdesk has launched the first product for it, called Context Mobile.

Context Mobile provides customer service agents with information about a customer’s activity on mobile apps in real-time. This allows the agents to provide support when needed, with contextual information to help provide a better customer experience. Focusing on mobile apps, Context Mobile is built with the modern customer in mind, following trends wherein customers seek self-service options on their mobile devices before trying to reach contact centers.

When a customer does need support from a contact center, Context Mobile identifies the customer and provides information about their in-app activity to the contact center agent. This helps reduce call time by skipping the frustrating process of explaining everything to the agent. At the same time, the agent knows what steps the customer has gone through, so they can identify any missteps or avoid repeating ideas the customer has already tried.

Along with instantly identifying and authenticating callers, and providing real-time, contextual app data, the Context Mobile product can set up auto callback. If all of the agents are busy, the customer won’t have to wait on hold, and instead the agent will call them as soon as they’re available.

According to Blair Pleasant, co-founder of UCStrategies, “Talkdesk’s Context Mobile builds on the ‘screen pop’ concept that has been around for many years, and enhances it for mobile applications. By providing agents with not only information about the customer, but also information about the customer’s in-app activity, Context Mobile helps provide agents with the information they need to help the customer more quickly, saving time for both the agent and customer.”

Context Mobile is the first product for the Talkdesk Context suite, and is a step towards Talkdesk’s intelligent contact center aspirations. The company hopes that by using new technology to empower agents, it can provide customers with a better experience.

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