TeleMessage is a secure enterprise mobile messaging platform developed to cater to the requirements of businesses and organizations, and offers key features such as advanced security, administrative access, message reliability and application integratibility while providing the same user friendly experience that consumer third-party messaging apps offer.

Secure: keep your messages encrypted, password protected and safe from prying eyes. Our solution ensures secure enterprise communication across multiple screens, safeguards critical information and meets compliance standards.

Managed: seamlessly control & archive your business mobile messaging to maintain company policies and regulatory compliance and while enforcing best practices. Promote mobile collaboration, and at the same time reduce costs & improve efficiency.

Reliable: features such as advanced message delivery confirmation, SMS fallback and cross-carrier and cross-device compatibility, as well as our carrier-grade infrastructure makes us the reliable messaging solution of choice.

IT-Ready: get started immediately with our out-of-the-box features and integrate with other enterprise tools using our wide range of APIs, and conveniently access and manage messages from multiple screens.

Our solution includes Android and iOS supported apps, integrated with our Web Portal, Outlook Plug-In, Corporate Directory, and a range of APIs that connect to any operational IT system.