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Tools of the Trade: Sounding Your Best in a Zoom/Webex/Teams Meeting

22 May 2020

Sounding your best in a web meeting is crucial. In this video, I talk about two devices I use to make sure I can always be heard loud and clear.

My headset of choice these days is the EPOS | Sennheiser ADAPT 165. Check out the video to see what feature I love the most. But I also like having a speakerphone for when joining with a group or if I am just listening in to a call or don’t want to wear the headset.

I really like the EPOS EXPAND 30 because it can be used with a PC (wired, Bluetooth, or dongle) and Smartphone (Bluetooth). These are two “tools of the trade” that everyone working from home (or in the office) should know about.




This is not a sponsored video.


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