Turbocharging Teams - Kevin Kieller and Dino Caputo

Turbocharging Teams - Episode 2: New Teams Features

29 Jul 2020

By Kevin Kieller and Dino Caputo

Turbocharging Teams focuses on tips and tricks to help you get the most out of using Microsoft Teams. In this episode, we look at a number of new Teams features that can help make your meetings more engaging. Scroll down the page to view the slides used in this presentation.



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Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of turbocharging

teams. My name is Dino Caputo and I'm here with Kevin Kieller.

And today we're going to be talking about some new features

that have just been released in.

Microsoft Teams. So traditionally when you were in a

meeting you had up to three by three or nine people in in the

view. If you had video enabled.

So what's been released is something called large Gallery,

which brings it up to 49 users

so. 7 by 7 view. As you can see here.

Turbocharging Teams



So that's really cool.

This has been something that users have been asking for for a

long time now, so this is great to see. The large large Gallery

view here and another new view is the auditorium view and this

is sort of born out of the notion that people were getting

into this video fatigue and

meeting fatigue. And not having, you know, just not feeling

together during this time of covid. Whenever ones working

from home. So the team went out and came up with this notion of

take everyone's video and superimpose it into an

auditorium. For example, why you're looking at here. So it

looks like you're all in the same room together. It's kind of

cool. I've participated in a few meetings now in this together

mode, and it's kind of neat and it just puts a new twist on to

the meeting and allows you to feel like you're in the same

room with the person. So those are two of the views that are

now available in teams they.


Turbocharging Teams


As you can see, are in still in previous you may not see these

options yet, but look for them in the ellipsis menu. You'll see

when you click on it you'll have. Gallery large Gallery and

together mode and I'll pass it over to Kevin and he's going to

talk about some of the other different views that you have.

Yeah well, thanks Dino and just before we get off together mode,

just what I thought was cool was you know you mentioned that

video fatigue and Microsoft actually you know they did brain

scans and then they actually were able to show that when you

present it all the people on a common background like in

together mode that uh on the brain scan. I guess if you're in

a neurologist you understand how to read those, but basically

there was, there was less fatiguing, and the other cool

thing is, is they subtly altered the gaze of the people in the

room? To kind of move towards whoever the person speaking is

so you can come, you can kind of see who's speaking because

everybody else like they tilt the gaze of the other people. So

as you know some some subtle things, but uh, it it really

really is cool.


Turbocharging Teams


Yeah, there's there's other, um, those two are in preview, but

may be available in your tenant.. Um, the two things that I'm

going to talk about are coming soon. So, um, there certainly

not in any of the tenants that. I've had the opportunity to

participate in. I don't know what about you. Do you know I

have seen the dynamic OK view for sure? I've seen other

meetings with library actions, but dynamic view is available in

one of my tenants and.

It's kind of nice that you can switch the different to the

different views for sure, right?. So so if we look at the dynamic

view and this is like an animated Jeff, that's put it

there. So it's kind of going through a fast, but the you'll

see that you know depending on the number of people and whether

contents being presented and also you know depending on who's

turned on video. This is. Microsoft Teams doing a better

job of trying to figure out what you want to concentrate on so.

Uhm, you know if you look at it carefully, like people who

haven't turned on video, it keeps them kind of small and all

clustered together. Uh, you know giving more screen real estate

to the people that have turned on the video and certainly then

when content is being presented it, you know figures out and

shows the content big enough so that people can see it. So

that's kind of some. I don't know how artificial intelligence

in the background to try to give you the best view at that at

anytime. Depending on number of

participants. See the other piece, uh, that showing on

number 2 is library actions. You can see you know little heart

emojis and different emojis. You know, uh, flying up so this just

gives you, uh, you know, if you're presenting, it just

allows in a non non obtrusive way for other participants to

kind of give you some feedback.


Another thing that I don't think it's exactly shown here, but I I

really think that this is an important thing is, you know,

once again a subtle thing. So the person speaking there's a

big purple box, uh, a purple frame around it, so it's it's

quite good when you have these bigger meetings and you're not

familiar with everybody or their voices, it's easier to figure

out who's speaking. Uhm, and then as well, one of the things

is not shown here, but they've also announced his.


Chat bubbles and the idea being that, UM, chat as opposed to

being on the meeting chat which is you know, kind of. Another

thing that you can open typically on the right hand side

that chat bubbles will appear on the actual person.

Video tile, so all of those things are coming soon, but I

think, uhm, you know the things that Dino showed and the things

that you know I talked about it really just goes to show how

Microsoft, you know, continues you know, week over week, month,

over month to just keep releasing, um, new features and

I, you know, I think that that's, uh, you know, that's

exciting because it's kind of like if there's a feature that

you don't find. You might wait a couple of months and.

You know, low and behold, you check the ellipsis menu and

there it is, so any any, uh,

concluding thoughts, Dino. Yeah, and I think these are really

welcome, especially during this time I mean especially the idea

of the you know the.

Versions of the emotions that you can show. So if you really

gives anytime you can give the speaker or presenters some more

feedback in the midst of the meeting. I think that that's

certainly helpful and this is just another step in helping

make this whole meeting

experience better. And with that. I will thank you for joining us.

And as always, there's the information you can send us

feedback, or if there's any topics you want us to drill down

on and that wraps up another episode of turbocharging teams.

Thank you very much.

See you later.


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