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Turbocharging Teams - Kevin Kieller and Dino Caputo

Turbocharging Teams - Episode 6: Scheduling Meetings

9 Sep 2020

By Kevin Kieller and Dino Caputo

Turbocharging Teams focuses on tips and tricks to help you get the most out of using Microsoft Teams. In this episode of Turbocharging Teams we look at scheduling Teams meetings both from within Teams and from Outlook and highlight some of the differences you should be aware of.



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Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of turbocharging

teams. I'm Dino Caputo and once again I'm joined by Kevin

Kieller. And today we're going to be talking about meetings

in Microsoft Teams.

So just like in Skype for business, you can do obviously

schedule meetings and Microsoft. Teams and we're just going to go

through a few of the options in terms of looking at your

calendar and scheduling meetings with Microsoft Teams.

Turbocharging Teams - scheduling meetings

So first off, the calendar app along the left rail brings up your

calendar in teams and from here you can see your week at a

glance you can change your view to the day, the work week, which

is just the five days Monday to. Friday or the full week.

In this case, some of us are working everyday 'cause

it's just been crazy period of time. So you might want

to do the full week view.

And so that's that's a nice addition in terms you didn't

actually have this type of functionality in the Skype

client, so being able to view your calendar First off is a

is a great bit of functionality and the teams


And then in the focusing on the top right, you've got a

few options that you could see previously and that's meet now

option which allows you to start an on-demand meeting in

the teams client. And then you also have new meeting which

lets you drop down and access the option to schedule a

meeting or a live event, which is the broadcast type events.

Of course you'll need to have

the. Appropriate policy sometimes these may not show

up, so you may need to have the right policy set up by

your administrator.

Turbocharging Teams - scheduling meetings

Focusing on the new meeting, when you click on it brings up a

screen right within teams, so you can actually book a meeting

within teams and you can see here on the right. I'm creating

a sales meeting tonight. Kevin,. I cannot. I can change things

like whether the meeting repeats or it's recurring or one off. I

can make it a channel meeting so that meeting occurs within a

channel at a location and notes into the meeting. So of the full

booking experience. Rate from the teams client.

Turbocharging Teams - scheduling meetings

And then you might be wondering what can I book a meeting from

outlook and you can from outlook you can drop down and select the

teams meeting option which brings in the teams meeting at

in and you'll see a familiar

interface here where the contents of your meeting join are displayed at the bottom of

your email message, so there's the familiar. Join Microsoft

Teams meeting link. You've got the phone numbers you can dial

in from your conference ID. I can then invite the people I

need to invite to the meeting and away you go.

Turbocharging Teams - scheduling meetings

And then Lastly, we've got the meeting options

that you can also change from within outlook so.

Or you can just simply set up a meeting and send it off. Or

if I want to change the options, like for example, who

can bypass the lobby people in microrna Zation If I want to

restrict that and say everyone can bypass the lobby I can.

You know whether you want to have people announced if they

join a meeting or not. So sometimes I find that annoying.

I might turn that off, but if you have a need or desire to

announce people when they are coming into a meeting, specially

from the PSTN, you can have that. So as they joined the

meeting it will announce it will say that someone says join the

meeting or the this particular phone numbers join the meeting.

And Lastly I can select who can present the default is everyone.

But I can restrict that to

myself or. Or people within my organization.

Ann from here I'm going to pass it on to Kevin and he's

going to talk about the differences between teams and

outlook calendars.

Turbocharging Teams - scheduling meetings

Yeah so thanks, thanks. Do you know? So so it is you know.

Well, well, it is absolutely great that you can. You know

there's a calendar app inside of teams and that you can book

meetings inside of teams you know? So the Devil's in the

details, however, and so now they're really is 2 calendar

apps. And there's a whole bunch of similarity. But there's a

whole bunch of differences, and some of these differences are

big and some of them are little and some of you know.

May cause you concern or not, but I just wanted to go through

a few of 'em. So for example, if we look at, you know a concrete

example of meeting recurrence.. So you see, there's the outlook

appointment recurrence. So if you book the meeting through

outlook, you can, you know, make it daily, weekly, monthly,

yearly, recur frequency, but then as well you've got like

check mark. So I sometimes have had some stand up agile meetings

that were Monday, Wednesday,. Friday, so you know you can.

Easily book that in outlook on the right hand side you can

see you know you certainly can do some things like every

weekday it's got. You know it's easy to do, but there

isn't. You know when you pick custom you don't have the

degree of customization, so you know a minor difference.

If you needed to do a Monday,. Wednesday, Friday and you

wanted to do it from teams, you would just have to.

Actually, you know, just kind of schedule. Separate separate

recurring meeting sense, so there's there's definitely

work around, but there are some differences, and if we go

to the next slide, Dino.

Turbocharging Teams - scheduling meetings

You know there is also like as shown as number one. There's

things that you can only do from the teams calendar. So for

instance, that screen small.. That's the new meeting screen,

and the arrow at near #1 points to the add the channel in the

Dino is Dino mentioned when you schedule a meeting from the

teams calendar app, you can make it be a channel meeting and so

why would you want it to be a channel meeting well?

So for for instance we have a channel called turbocharging.

Teams for this series of meetings and if we record the

meeting which we do so we can create these videos, all of

them will show up in the channel. So if you're working

on a project and you make it a gentle meeting, you have a

record of you know the minimum, the start and end

time of the meetings. But as well you know in your channel

if you record the meetings you've got the meeting

recording so.

You know, truthfully I at the beginning didn't really. I

didn't really understand channel meetings or understand the value

of it, but doing something like you know what this this series

here and having everything in one place is great. So you can

only do that. That's that's one of the I would say few things

that you can only do from the teams calendar side, because in

the outlook calendar side there certainly. And I you know,

wanted to write many more

options, but. There's certainly more options in the outlook

calendar. You know one of the most I think useful productivity

hacks in outlook is you can go and under file options calendar.

You can, for example, say hey, I want to end my appointments and

meetings early like this is great because then you don't get

everybody complained about back to back meetings or the every

meeting starts with somebody apologizing because they just

got out of a meeting.

Well in outlook, but this is only only in outlook right now

you can say hey and my meetings early and so if it's less than

an hour, so a 30 minute meeting would only show up on your

calendar for 25 minutes. If it's longer than an hour, you give

people 10 minutes. Either you know a bio break or just to

reset between meetings.. Unfortunately, at least in the

present, those calendar options set in outlook if you schedule

from the team side, those don't

apply. And similarly, just like you know what, like a kind of

miniscule differences, is like, you know, response options. And

most people don't even know these exist, whether it's from

outlook or teams. But you can see their subtle differences. So

when you schedule a meeting in outlook, you get this additional

option of whether people can propose New Times.

Teams, for whatever reason, you can control whether to request

responses and allow forwarding, but you can't control whether

people can propose New Times when it's scheduled from team,

so you know.

Couple suggestions is to familiarize yourself with the

options in both outlook and teams, and maybe you didn't even

know some of these options existed, but also you know keep

up to date and I would say with all things teams, but certainly

you know this is true for meetings and calendar options.

They keep evolving and if you have responsibility for helping

other people get the most out of teams, yes, familiarize

yourself. But also think about how you and your organization or

do the people you work with. How is new features come? You know

out for teams, especially around calendaring and meeting that we

deal with pretty much every day.. You know how you can make them

aware of things that you know hopefully make their life and

their work day? And maybe there are weekends.

If you're like Dino and I working many weekends, both you.

Your Saturday and Sunday a little bit a little bit better,

so with that, that brings us to another epic conclusion of an

episode of turbocharging teams.. Once again, you know we're

trying to provide tips that will hopefully make you a little more

effective, efficient, and maybe have a little bit more fun with

Microsoft Teams if you have ideas on topics or things that

are perplexing to you, please feel free to reach out to us and

pass along. Any suggestions or comments? Thank you very much,

thank you. See you next time.

Turbocharging Teams - scheduling meetings



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