Using Next Generation Contact Centre Technology to Provide Suicide Prevention and Support – Roberta Fox Talks About Canada Suicide Prevention Service

9 Jul 2018

In this BCStrategies Expert Case Study podcast, Blair Pleasant talks with Roberta J. Fox-Lawson about her work during the past 14 months working with Canada Suicide Prevention Services division of Crisis Services Canada (CSC), to implement a world first-of-its-kind integrated omni-channel and CRM contact center solution. The solution provides voice, text and chat suicide prevention and support for the people of Canada coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Roberta has been Chief Technology Advisor (CTA) of Canada Suicide Prevention Services, a division of Crisis Services Canada since March of 2017. During the past four months as Founding and Interim CEO, she has also provided board and senior management strategic planning guidance for the development of the CSC business and technology environment. During the first eight months, she and her FOX GROUP team provided senior project management, strategic design and integration support with the 11 vendors and over 143 technical participants in the development of this state-of-the-art national virtual distress center. This included the architecture, design and development of the CSPS virtual voice, text and chat national contact center solution and development of ongoing technology operations.

Since the pilot launch on November 28, 2017, over 15,000 contacts from all ages and genders have been supported, 43% via voice, 27% via chat and 30% via text from all ages and genders. One hundred eighty one active rescues have been invoked positively impacting over 20,815 people (each suicide affects 115 people, according to CSC research).

In her ongoing CTA role, Roberta is responsible for the development for the enhancements to the CSPS platform to enhance and expand the CSPS system capabilities to enable social media, video and next generation technology solutions such as AI to be added to meet the changing public communication needs. The organization and its funding and member partners will have extensive clinical reporting and analytical capabilities to provide program enhancement information as part of its quality management practices.

For more information about the Canada Suicide Prevention Service send an email to: [email protected]

For Suicide Prevention or Support
call: 1.833.456.4566

For information about the interesting challenges in designing and building this award-winning innovative health care solution, feel free to reach out to [email protected], or call +1.289.648.1981.

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