Vircom’s modusCloud now Integrates with ConnectWise Manage, Streamlining Workflows for MSPs

29 Oct 2018

Managed Service Providers now have access to easy user counts and billing management to better provide email security to SMBs

Vircom is announcing the release of its brand-new integration between modusCloud, its leading cloud email security product, and ConnectWise Manage, a leading Professional Services Automation tool for Managed Service Providers. MSPs using the two services will now be able to synchronize user counts and unit costs from modusCloud to ConnectWise manage, reducing the time spent by MSPs managing billing and cost for their email security.
“We’re thrilled to offer this value-added integration for our partners and MSPs,” says Mike Petsalis, CEO of Vircom. “This is another step forward in our focus on this group of customers, who are doing more of the legwork than ever before in rapidly delivering and distributing security solutions. This is of crucial importance in the face of all the cyber threats now barrelling their way towards SMBs across North America and worldwide, and something we intend to do our level best in protecting against.”
This Vircom integration is crucial to MSPs because, in adding efficiency to billing and management, it frees up more time to not only correctly manage and charge for their services, but also focus on addressing the hectic issues which continually affect service providers and their customers, devoting more time and energy to both helpdesk support and solving the bigger problems and challenges their customers face.  
“With this integration in hand, management is made easier and efficiency increases, allowing partners to better realize the true benefits of modusCloud’s advanced protection against phishing, malware, ransomware and email fraud, along with continuity, encryption, DLP and powerful cloud-based archiving for email, all with the service and support that has distinguished Vircom’s brand for more than two decades,” adds Mr. Petsalis.
Indeed, modusCloud has proven to be a successful cloud email security offering not only because of its advanced technology, but also because of the profound customer service Vircom provides. Quick response times, experienced support representatives and a service-dedicated sales team have all meant that Vircom customers have little to question in proceeding with modusCloud as their email security solution of choice.  
As Mr. Petsalis puts it, “we aim to provide the smartest, most resourceful offering on the market and target it toward those IT admins and Partners who look for great value and service quality in the security offerings they bring onboard. Our teams rally around delighting our customers, and modusCloud is rapidly becoming their solution of choice precisely because it empowers them to do as much as possible to keep their organizations secure.”
About Vircom

Vircom has, for more than two decades, been providing cutting-edge solutions that keep IT Teams and Service Providers serene and effective. Vircom’s latest offering, modusCloud, gives SMBs and MSPs some of the most powerful email protection on the market, featuring filtering driven by machine learning, Advanced Threat Protection, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Email Encryption, and Email Archiving. With over 3000 customers and more than 3 million mailboxes protected, Vircom is helping organizations of all sizes meet their security needs as they transition to Office 365 and other cloud systems.


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