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Visual Engagement – Now More Than Ever

17 Apr 2020

Visual technologies such as video conferencing and screen sharing have been around for years, but are gaining more attention now due to COVID-19 and the need to social distance and work from home (WFH). The genie is out of the bottle and “visual engagement” is here to stay. As business users and consumers become more comfortable with video for meetings, yoga classes, religious services, and of course, virtual happy hours, visual interactions are now an accepted and expected mode of communication.

One company that has been focusing on visual engagement for years is Glance Networks, which adds a visual component to customer engagement. As an overlay to existing technologies, Glance’s cloud-based platform lets organizations “see, show, and share anything online, creating a frictionless path to great experiences in sales, support, and service.” Contact center agents can initiate a screenshare, co-browse, or video chat session with a single click and visually engage with customers on any device or operating system in order to deepen customer relationships. With the ability to see what the customer is viewing, agents can provide enhanced customer support by guiding customers through a transaction or technical support issue.

Glance has been focusing on various target markets including healthcare, high tech, hospitality, retail, and insurance, by offering several use cases, including:

  • Self service
  • Online support
  • Customer onboarding
  • Advisory service

Last week, the company introduced Glance for Financial Services. Using its visual engagement technology, Glance enables financial services professionals to join customers on the digital financial service desktop or mobile app with a single click. During the interaction, the agent or financial services professional appears in the app via live audio/video, and sees the customer’s screen. This enables the agent or rep to explain, highlight, guide, present, and demonstrate while in the app. With live video, customers can see the financial service professional in order to help personalize the interaction.

Glance is now optimized for several financial services use cases, including:

  • Digital Banking – bankers can guide customers to perform transactions and transfers.
  • Digital Lending – loan officers can join borrowers in the digital lending app, see the customer’s screen, guide the customer to upload docs, review disclosures, complete e-signatures, etc. This helps the lender to deliver more consultative services and present various options to the customer.
  • Digital Investment Management – financial advisors can schedule digital meetings or -in-the-moment communication and review the customer’s portfolio, recent trades, etc. and present proposals and options.

Glance - Architected for no friction\

Glance for Financial Services is architected as an overlay to existing systems and applications, and based on a variety of partnerships with companies in the financial services industry, can tie into core banking and lending systems, e-Signature solutions, CRM platforms, contact center agent desktops, and so on. In addition, it highlights and masks sensitive data so that agents can’t see personal customer information during the co-browse session.

Glance recognizes that in the financial services world, the experience is the key differentiator, and its visual engagement technology can create an experience that helps businesses build trust with customers.

During the current pandemic, consumers and businesses have turned to digital banking, which can be complex and confusing. Being able to guide customers through financial processes using visual engagement technologies such as co-browsing and screen sharing, Glance can help simplify financial processes for both customers and businesses.


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